Most millennials lose focus in their lives in the early years. In the Online world, it has become easier than ever to get distracted. Only a few of them can understand their passion and purpose. Soumyabrata Giri, a B.Tech final year student and founder and CEO of the Social Army is among those few of those people.

Although he is being called as the “youngest online marketer and influencer”, Soumyabrata is no short of years of professional experience. To date, he has worked with over 10,000 satisfied clients across India and the world.

For all the teenagers and grown-up adults, Soumyabrata remains an inspiration. Here is the excerpt from his interview with us.


  1. How you are coping up with your studies and work simultaneously, especially during the lockdown?

Ans. Studies ! This word has a different meaning for me . For me it’s the source of information which makes me smarter. In this lockdown i am give my 60% time to my work and 40% to my studies. Basically i am trying to make the perfect balance between the studies and work.

  • Why have you decided to join the Online marketing industry when you’re studying engineering?

             Ans. Actually , i wanted to be a Computer Science Engineer. But you know , every body  

             likes the smell of that Gandhi Note . So i started working for a Online marketing   

            agency. Later I built my own Online marketing company Social Army. Now it’s one of the 

           biggest Online marketing companies of India.