Hi Thrive community!

My name is Paula Bellostas and I’m delighted to be in front of your eyes or ears! If you are reading or listening to this it’s probably because you are trying to learn how to lead a more balanced life full of wellbeing, wisdom, wonder and giving or perhaps you are trying to work smarter or unplug and recharge as per the Thrive pillars.

I’m here talking and writing to you because I did the complete opposite of all of those things. I ran too fast, I neglected my body and mind, I worked harder and not necessarily smarter and I most certainly took no time to unplug and recharge. So I crashed and I burnt. Badly. To the point where my brain developed a chronic condition that I now will be stuck with for the rest of my life.

But as most people do, when life gave me lemons, I tried to find meaning and purpose to the mess I singlehandedly created and “Burnout Girl” was born as my very own homemade lemonade. As my faulty brain forced me to be off work for a few months, I started journaling to keep track of the thoughts, feelings and lessons the recovery from burnout gave rise to which were very many indeed. I am hoping sharing these will be helpful as chances are some of you are headed in the same direction I was a few months ago…

Through my Thrive posts I will open up my burnout diaries where I’ll tell you about the interesting and really challenging journey to recovery and reorientation I have just been on. But more importantly, I will open up my little black book of burnout lessons where I share with you everything I have learnt to regain balance through exercise, nutrition, meditation, mental resilience, sleep hygiene and many more with the help of experts in each of the fields.

I hope that through reading or listening to my story you can learn to steer well clear of burnout and put into practice some of the #balancehacks I am now adopting and that will hopefully help you thrive in your no doubt busy lives.

Much love and cortisol,

Paula (Instagram: @_burnoutgirl)

Originally published at medium.com