Dear girl who does not exactly fit into a group,

The outcast of society who dared to put her foot forward and be different.

I know as they try to tear you down with their words, you are grasping onto anything that feels grounding and safe, but change won’t necessarily come in the midst of your comfort.

Set your goals and get out there, whether this is a passion they say is useless, a skill they say you can’t accomplish, a relationship they despise, or a goal they say is impossible to meet, I am here to say f*ck their opinion, this is your life, your journey and at the end of the day, only you can decide how to shape it.

Do not let their fear of failure crush your dreams, do not let their words be stronger than your actions. You can do it, you can get that job, you can pass that degree, you can move out of home and start a life for yourself, you hold the pen to your story.

You see, we are only granted a certain amount of years in life, none of us know how many we have left, so live today like there is no tomorrow, do things that make you feel alive and like fireworks have been released in the pit of your stomach, dare to be different from your friends and family, Hell even dare to be different from society.

Nobody can tell you what you are capable of, you are endless amounts of potential shoved inside a body, so pick that body up and turn it into a somebody, Break the barriers! Prove them wrong, and prove to yourself that you can do whatever you set out to do. Life is too short to live tied down by ropes of expectation, be YOU because nobody else can.


Fellow outcast.