This is a story from the life of Poet Kalidasa.
Kalidasa lived in 5th century CE and was a classical Sanskrit author

Kalidasa was traveling in the country and felt thirsty.
He saw a woman pulling water from a pond and asked for water
The woman asked to know the details of the person. She asked to introduce himself.
Kalidasa was mused at her ignorance and felt that she does not know his caliber.
He simply said ‘I am a traveler’
The woman said ‘There are only two travelers in this world. One is Sun and another is moon. They rise every day and also set down each other’
Kalidasa said ‘Okay, then I am a visitor’
The woman said there are only two type of visitors. One is youth and another is wealth. Both are not permanent. Hence they are known to be visitors.
Amazed at her skills, Kalidasa said ‘Okay, I am very patient man, let us keep it like that’
Woman said, there are only two patient things. One is mother earth and another is the tree. Earth takes all the endless excavations and mis-use of resources. The tree gives back the fruit who throws stone at them.
Kalidasa said, let me be the adamant man.
Woman said, there are only two things that are adamant. One is nail and another hair. The keep growing in-spite of trimming them often.
Kalidasa said, I am an idiot now then
Woman laughed and said, ‘There are two idiots. The king or the leader who has neither knowledge or skills. The other one is the ministers who keep praising him’
Kalidasa realized his ignorance. He felt the Godliness is present in any human beings. The knowledge and wisdom are prevalent in any person. Life is continuous learning process.

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