I remember Lily Tomlin’s character of Edith Ann who uttered, “and that’s the truth”.

Caveat, I am always speaking about myself in these pieces but realize it may resonate in your life as well, that is unintentional but also there are no accidents to why you are reading this and why there is also an impact.

I used to believe that everything I uttered was fine if it were in fact true. However, as I am on my spiritual journey as one of my gurus says, “taint so”.

I learned from a teaching from Rev. Jack Elliott, founder of ElderPride and co-chair along with me of ElderPride 2020 that in addition to being true one should ask if it is kind and necessary.

Rev. Jack also offers two other powerful questions to pose of ourselves and/or others: 1. Tell me a little more about why you say that and 2. What do you want?

Loving communication entails more than “the truth”; kindness, necessity, and examination of one’s words and thoughts are essential.

Why don’t you try it? As Rev. Andriette Earl of Heart and Soul Center of Light says, “just for drill”.

Let me know how it works for you.

It has been life changing for me.