This is for you Mom. You taught me everything that’s really important. . .

You put the ‘Georgia’ in Georgia—like all the rest of you women like my mom (back then) raising us boys to be better than just ‘men.’

Thank you!

We all live in a man’s world.

I learned that from a very early age.

And it is exhausting to exist in a world not designed for you, a world that doesn’t take you seriously, where you matter less.

Women are 75% more likely to die in a car crash because all seat belt safety tests are designed for men. What do you do with that?

It’s not one big thing that crushes a spirit.

It’s death by a million paper cuts.

Men, the space they take up, the room, their entitlement, their voices just louder, and more.

Men growing up, seeing more men.

Men at the top. Men in power.

They don’t see out of their own eyes our vacant stares back at them, our bottled anger, our wonder at how they got to be so satisfied in their knowledge that the world is made for them.

So what was I supposed to do with that?

How does one climb the ranks of a system rigged against them?

I’ll tell you.

You adapt.

You learn to survive.

I’ve done things I’m not proud of, and I’ve done things I never want my kids to know about, but I’d do ’em again.

I’d do anything to protect my kids like no one ever protected me.


Ginny & Georgia

S1:E10 “The Worst Betrayal Since Jordyn and Kylie”