He has always been excited to travel, and never thought that he would one day be doing it for a living. Coming from a small remote city in South Australia, 25-year-old businessman Andrew Hristo saw his laptop as his only way to connect with the world and grab opportunities that would make him truly happy. He was only 13 when he started importing and trading products through the Internet. Soon after, he tapped into social media. To him, it was a whole new universe available to explore with options for just about anyone. This laptop gave him the ticket he needed to get to the US. He started his busy life consisting of influencer marketing, social media management, e-commerce, a career as a professional trainer, studies in Miami, and a marketing agency that he built from scratch and has learned a lot throughout.

As many, he didn’t like the idea of a regular 9-5 job. He took his chance on something different. It was a different path, yet a successful one. His primary goal was to stay ahead of the competition. He does so by constantly keeping an eye on new opportunities as everyone should. He supports the concept of learning on the job. People spend too much time planning and preparing while delaying action. In reality, you can pick up many things while gradually building up your business and executing your preliminary ideas. Even before, you can listen to a mentor or business insider providing you with fast-track guidance through unknown territory.  

Hard work, dedication, and stress management are crucial. Focus on the essential things that create real revenue, and avoid menial tasks that are often nerve-racking and exhausting. Your mental and physical health are the keys to success. Andrew is very much into healthy habits, including proper sleep hours, diet, and training. No success comes overnight or as a result of burnout. Great things take time and require patience. “There is no use in having all the money in the world if you are not happy and healthy,” he insists. So make sure that you are working on things that are meaningful and pleasant. There will be tough times too, and in these cases, a positive mindset is life-saving. It is often a lonely journey since you are the person in charge of your next moves. Yet, it would help if you always remembered the reasons why you started in the first place and all the benefits that come with running your business, including flexibility and freedom. If it were easy to achieve, everyone would be doing it. Still, both the result and the entire journey are really worth the effort. The greatest bet is to create a sustainable model of success that will stand the test of time. Putting off short term goals will allow you to focus on much more rewarding long-term strategies. Minor setbacks, like losing a client, should not hold you back; there will always be another chance for you.          

Andrew wants to be known as someone who never settled for average and did his best in all aspects of life as a rounded personality. His message to the rest of the world is that anyone can master a combination of great relationships, perfect health, and financial independence. It is not unrealistic. The Internet has opened many doors for many people around the world. Understanding your purpose and why you like certain things more than others will help you follow the right path – keeping this ‘why’ at the back of your head will ensure that you never give up.        

 Andrew wants to remind us to all take some time to ourselves to focus on our mental health as we all need a break sometimes. Follow Andrew’s journey on his Instagram