Pasquale Minasi

While Pasquale Minasi may be young, he has already achieved an extraordinary amount of success. Someone who was once a 20-year-old who did not speak any English is now an angel investor who has invested in over 100 startups, and has founded his own hair transplant clinics under the BlueMagic Group name.

After coming to London seven years ago and learning English little by little, he started making his way up the ladder of success. He began working in one of the best real estate companies in the world, which had over 300 offices globally. Pasquale ended up becoming very well known for his remarkable ability to sell and rent homes, along with other real estate. Within two years, he became a top negotiator. Even today, he maintains a great relationship with this real estate firm.

Today, this prominent investor is in the business of helping people. The biggest way he is currently doing so is through his hair transplant clinic, located in Istanbul, Turkey. He was only in his 20s when he opened up the first clinic. It was also just a few years ago that he had a hair transplant himself, so he knows how effective the procedure is to increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

The hair transplant option is appealing to people who have suffered hair loss due to things like lifestyle diseases, genetics, stress, lack of vitamins, and unhealthy nutrition. While there are new treatment methods constantly being researched and developed, the most effective and certain solution for hair loss is still a hair transplant procedure.

After his positive experience with the hair transplant, he felt committed to helping as many people around the world restore their hair as he could. His desire to get his hair back also led him on a quest to find the absolute leading-edge hair transplant methods that exist today, and he found them. The tremendous growth of BlueMagic Group within just a short time frame indicates just how successful and popular the hair transplant treatments offered by BlueMagic Clinic are.

To date, BlueMagic Group has successfully completed over 21,000 hair transplants. Every single procedure and treatment has excelled in its league, providing satisfaction to every patient. As a company that knows just how life-changing a hair transplant can be, it is fully committed to giving its patients a safe, comfortable, luxurious, and unforgettable experience from start to finish.

From the moment a client has their initial consultation, to the time when they have their post-operative check-up, BlueMagic Group ensures they receive high-quality service. Pasquale and his clinic believe so strongly in the long-term effectiveness of the procedures and treatments, and guarantee your hair will never fall out again.

What started with consultations and collaborations with doctors, clinics, and barbershops in London has now turned into an international presence, with an ever-increasing client base looking to restore their hair and confidence.

Pasquale has over a decade of experience in hair transplant, and has even written a book about it called All You Need to Know About Hair Transplant. He is passionate about improving and transforming the hair transplant industry. Given that there are advanced treatments available for use today, he wants to see hair transplant clinics all over the world taking advantage of them and helping people have the best possible hair transplant experience and results possible. For Pasquale, it is important for there to be no jargon, no myths, and total transparency.

This has enabled BlueMagic to enjoy a great reputation as being one of the most experienced hair transplant clinics in the world, providing their patients with long-lasting results. Additionally, Pasquale has found a way for costs of the procedures and treatments to be 70% less when compared with hair transplant clinics in London, Italy, and the United States. Even though BlueMagic Clinic has very affordable pricing, it does not compromise on the quality of the treatment, stay, or the entire trip.

As an investor and entrepreneur in the business of helping people, he wants to always improve and provide the best he can to his clients. He says, “As long as you will continue to be consistent and resilient, you will consequently be unbeatable.” Pasquale has proven that this is true and wants to inspire other entrepreneurs to take and keep this in mind as well.

To learn more about Pasquale Minasi’s Clinic, you can head over to the official website. You can also follow Pasquale on Instagram @pasqualebmg