Angelo D’acunto

Being a Closer might seem like a simple job, but we never realize how much effort goes behind it. From paying thousands to train yourself to practice your skills every day, it takes a lot of time and effort. Understand your customer’s needs in detail before pitching out the deal is an arduous task that usually goes unnoticed.

Born and brought up in the south of France, Angelo D’acunto is now the number one closer in all the French-speaking countries. He shares how it took him a lot to come out of his comfort zone and change his mind set to bring home good money from his work. He knew he could achieve more than just having a job that provided financial security for the namesake. It was not late before he chose to get out of his comfort zone. He signed up for a coaching program to learn high ticket sales. In no time, he was closing business deals every day.

Human beings are born curious—a trait that we somehow lose as the burdens of responsibility weigh heavily on our shoulders. Trying new things is paramount to being a successful person, building a complete human—one that you will be proud of. So, when was the last time you did something for the first time? Coordination is okay. After all, nobody wants to be a mess. But there is fun in messiness. Sometimes, it pays to scatter just to see if you are capable of fixing it back together.

Angelo D’acunto advises the younger generation always to have a keen mind to learn new things and not be afraid of spending money to gain knowledge. Through his journey, he wants to prove that if you set your mind towards your goal, anything is possible. He aspires to help more and more people lead better lives. It will only take you higher up in life.