Anger is not usually defined by spiritual paradigms as being a constructive emotion. Yet over this past week it has surfaced individually among many and collectively as a whole. I don’t recall spiritual traditions defining it as a negative emotion, rather the action that stems forth can have its consequences. Anger is an energy first and foremost. It is a fire energy that can either rise up from the earth element and evolve as it reaches the crown chakra or descend from the mind and distort itself as it reaches manifestation. It can also descend from the lower realms of the spirit world for those souls who are still working on their ancestral issues. It can attach to individuals and collectively to peoples as we all struggle to understand an emotion that has been a defining force for centuries when it comes to understanding one’s own power. That same fire energy which yields anger also births forgiveness, creativity, boundaries, purpose. Many on a spiritual path are uncomfortable with this energy and try to work through it faster than appropriate for their higher good. There is a time and place for every emotion both in human and spiritual realms. Working through an emotion faster does not give rise to the healing relationship with it that most people desire. Actually, some would rather not have any relationship with anger at all. The idea of it can be overwhelming, confusing, debilitating. For others, it can be empowering even uplifting. It all depends on one’s relationship to it in alignment with the appropriate response which fulfills that soul’s purpose. An appropriate response? Purpose? Yes, even in the higher realms anger serves a purpose but the intent is not the same. It is simply an energy which serves to direct reasoning, Providence and forgiveness. In human realms, in order for us to learn that it is an energy to work with and respect, we have to work through the living experiences that our anger takes us to in order to rise above. We are all given a choice as to how to carry the anger, relate to it, manifest it and direct it. This fire energy is incredibly strong right now and I believe Divine Providence is providing us with the awareness to carry it with a new understanding, which is why I am noticing people are being so easily triggered these days. Avoiding the fire will only make the flames more powerful. Standing at its threshold, honoring its power and purpose, deciding in stillness what course of action to take; that will transmute this emotion into the energy it was meant to be.