Anish Parmar, from Birmingham, United Kingdom, is the founder of full-service creative agency Distriibute Public Relations. His agency is responsible for building & scaling client’s personal brands on social media from scratch. This is achieved via the use of viral marketing campaigns which take part on various social media platforms. Distriibute PR also helps their clients get featured in various prestigious publications, allowing them to boost their social proof and authority, making it easier for his clients to close clients. Distriibute PR also have a dedicated team of graphic designers, so if Anish’s clients don’t yet have a brand identity, Distriibute PR can help them achieve just that, with their carefully curated graphic design revamp services.

However, doing all of this for multiple clients on a daily basis can cause stress & burnout, so we spoke with Anish to see how he handles stress & burnout in his daily life as an entrepreneur.

Insight 1: Achieve work & life balance.

Anish’s first tip with manging your stress and burnout is to enjoy a work & life balance. Anish insists that in order for you to succeed in business, you need to sometimes make time for yourself, and this achieved via the balance of the work you produce and the life that you live. If achieved correctly, you can have a boost in productivity and a more creative thought process, allowing you have to more clarity on the goals you want to hit for 2021 and beyond.

Insight 2: Learn to delegate tasks so that you can reduce your workload.

Anish’s second tip on stress & burnout is to make sure that you learn how to delegate your workload. Delegation can help the stress your facing improve dramatically over time as you’ll be outsourcing the time-consuming tasks that you do to other people. This allows you to have more free time away from your business, which can instead be spent with friends and family. Delegation can also help you scale up your profit margins, as you’d be focusing more on the income-producing activities of your business compared to the minuscule tasks. Remember, every second counts.

Insight 3: Be social.

Anish’s third and final tip on how to deal with stress & burnout is to keep active. Not just physically, but also mentally. Anish stated to us that “I avoid burnout and stress, by simply keeping an active social life. Having a network is essential for this, as this allows me to connect with likeminded individuals who have the same goals and ambition as me.”