COVID-19 survivor back on her feet after being told she would never run again. WCJB brings this inspirational running-based story.

Ann Scanlon began running to lose weight eight years ago. Now 105 pounds lost later, running became a part of her everyday life.“I was running long distances, half marathons, ran one marathon, and met all of my friends through running,” said Scanlon.Then she was diagnosed with COVID-19 last September.

“I had pneumonia and pretty much every symptom you could think of, unfortunately. It completely derailed my life and my running for almost two months,” said Scanlon. “I was actually told I would never be able to run again due to how severe my illness was.”

Nearly two months later, Ann decided she didn’t want to take no for an answer and she was ready to hit the ground running. “I wanted to try because it was such an important part of my life so the first runs I did were one mile, two miles, very slow but I didn’t want to give up.”

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