Too often, an innovative idea or business fails because not enough attention is spent on the necessary aspects for its survival and development. Anneliese Gartner, CEO of Apto Media, has a deep understanding of the pillars that make up a successful business. She works with entrepreneurs and small businesses every day to ensure that their business is on the correct path for sustainable growth. Apto Media specializes in developing, creating, and implementing strategies that help small businesses grow. These services include Brand Strategy development, Website Design, Logo Design, 1:1 Support, and more.

Working closely with fledgling and established businesses alike, Anneliese has honed her skills to help improve brands and operations of all sizes. She has identified five key areas that are essential for the success of a business.

  1. Brand Strategy

The mission and goal behind your product are just as important as the product itself. It is crucial to identify the target audience, why your product is the solution and develop strategies to connect with and convert sales from this audience consistently. This roadmap will pave the way for the rest of the elements to fall into place.

  1. Logo & Brand Design

Critical visual identifiers that your audience will see when they engage with you. A strategic Logo and Brand Design are essential to help differentiate your business from your competitors. AND they also help communicate the character, personality, and story of your brand. A potential client will look to find something to connect to and relate with, even in your logo. So the proper attention to detail and consistency when designing these elements is critical!

  1. Website Design

The forward-facing digital home where your brand lives is an essential resource for helping your audience interact with you. Your website experience needs to function efficiently, represent your brand, and provide potential clients with comprehensive information about your business. Some people believe a website isn’t essential anymore, but this space is YOUR digital footprint that isn’t subject to the whims of rising and falling social media trends. Putting effort into your website will separate the casual entrepreneur from the professional and powerful creative entity you are.

  1. Social Media

Social media has changed the way brands and people interact, creating less distinction between the people looking to buy into a product or service and the people behind the brand trying to provide it. The boost in connectivity of social media has also created a surge in competition. It’s easier than ever to create an Instagram account and sell a product directly to your audience. That’s why it is more important than ever to stand out. Social media is an important tool to use for your business as you can interact directly with your audience and demonstrate the human aspect of your business. People want to connect with real people!

  1. Email Marketing

Another often overlooked tool in the utility belt of effective business; the email address is a direct and intimate line of communication to your audience and deserves more attention. Building a network of emails for your business is just as, if not more important than investing in advertising, as you can guarantee that each recipient will at least see the message before they decide to proceed. It’s important to value the power of email as it is still one of the primary methods of communication for people in the online sphere.

Anneliese, CEO of Apto Media, works diligently to teach entrepreneurs and small businesses to find their brand voice and market effectively in the business world. Apto Media offers a comprehensive and intimate start-to-finish process that keeps businesses on track to launch impactfully and scale sustainably. Anneliese offers personal insight into the world of business with her podcast Per The Contract. Episodes include talking about entrepreneurship, owning a business, and shares interviews with great entrepreneurs in different industries.