The Warrior Path To Wholeness

I found myself sitting cross-legged on a pillow in a Native American teepee in a foreign land — Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was a breathtakingly beautiful September day in 1996. The month before I had made the voyage over the Atlantic Ocean with my two small boys from our native country, Iceland. I had spent twenty years prior as a serial entrepreneur and CEO in the beauty industry, representing a large portfolio of international cosmetics and perfume brands.

What caused this decision to embark on such a huge journey? I had only years before lived the happily-ever-after life with my husband and our two boys. We lived in our dream house in a desirable area of Reykjavík. I had a career that many women would die for — my own company in which I got to build and express myself freely, create employment, and serve my stakeholders. Plus, I had learned to be a leader on the job.

But my picture-perfect life had just been shaken to the core by two major events. My husband died in an accident related to his long-hidden and recently diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease. And second, was selling my businesses and leaving my twenty-year career after owning up to the fact that I had begun to feel like a robot trying to keep the whole operation going. I had started to ask myself the question, “Is this all there is to life?” And the answer was resounding “No.” I knew there was so much more — to learn, discover, unearth, and unleash — I just didn’t know what that was at the time. But I was determined to find out. The first event had been involuntary. The second one was voluntary. But life-shattering changes they both were. The lesson of life’s constant flux was thrust upon me, never to be forgotten.

Now, back to the teepee…

Little did I know that following my curiosity that September day would have such a powerful impact on my life. I found myself sitting face to face with Ohki Forest, a Native shamanic vision-holder and spiritual teacher who would become one of my root teachers. She offered the Warrior Path… and I committed to it and never looked back. It’s like taking the red pill in the Matrix — your life will never be the same, but it surely will become more real.

Today, twenty-three years later, after endless fumbles, stumbles, and revelations, I own my voice and live my life from my inner guidance. My higher calling of awakening leaders and humanity to TRUE Power I don’t take lightly. It explains, in retrospect, why it has taken me such a long time to come to this point. My connection to Spirit is strong. I am in constant gratitude to the Universe for the opportunity to spend the rest of my life in service to our Mother Earth, to humanity, and to all living things by being the mouthpiece of Spirit teaching her children to BE Power — TRUE Power!


First published in the monthly column “BE Power — TRUE Power” in the Luminous Wisdom: SOPHIA magazine by Sibella Publications on June 1, 2019.

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