Being a single parent struggling to make ends meet can be a tall task. Trying to manage the funds that you do have can quickly become overwhelming. It’s difficult enough trying to budget for one, but being a one-income household for two makes it that much harder. Knowing how to budget and save money is one of the most important skills to have. The following are several tips to help single parents save money.

Take the time to sort through the bills and prioritize them. When prioritizing make sure that you are aware of the amount due for each individual bill so that you do not lose track. Do not let the bills sit there and pile up. When you allow the bills to pile up it can become overwhelming and almost impossible to catch up. This is how most people get themselves into debt very quickly. They believe they will be able to catch up when in reality they cant. Pay each bill as they come in so that you are not stuck paying a huge amount for all of them at one time. 

Budgeting is a key factor in saving money. It may not be a fun task to undertake, but it is absolutely necessary. Not only does budgeting allow for monitoring what is being spent monthly, but it lets you know where the money is being spent and what needs to be cut back on. Start small with just a simple weekly budget, and once that is under control you can then move on to creating monthly budgets.

Having a savings account may not sound too appealing, but when there is a child involved it’s something to take into consideration. While many share the motto that you only live once, it’s necessary to realize that life happens. There could be an unexpected illness with a hospital bill that needs to be taken care of. Set aside a designated amount of money per month to place in a savings account. Within just a few short months it begins to add up, and there is already a sizable amount in the savings account. This account is highly important and only should be accessed when there is a crisis.