We use our phones to do thousands of things: take pictures, communicate with our friends, inform ourselves, entertain ourselves, share experiences on social networks and even to take our work wherever we go. But we never use them to disconnect, because we forget that in them we can have the best techniques and practices to relax and combat stress.

We did a review on the web in search of the 5 best anti-stress android apps to improve emotional health, be happier and more productive. From Yoga, meditation or a trip through the sounds of nature, to the introspective technique of self-help, everything can be in your pocket when it comes to thinking about your well-being.

1. Stress Check:

Before deciding which app to lean on, better measure your stress level. Stress Check is one of the most discussed anti-stress android apps in articles and blogs. It is an innovative tool to measure our stress level, through the monitoring and analysis of our heart rate. It is classified as one of the most innovative tools to quantify the level of psychological or physical stress in real time. The anti-stress android app uses the camera of our smartphone to determine the level of accumulated stress that we have.

The applin is also capable of analyzing how stress is affecting us in specific areas (physiological, interpersonal, emotional …) or recording and monitoring these stress levels to check their evolution over time. It is available for free for both Android and iOS.

2. Serenity:

If we do verify that we are affected by stress, Serenity has the best comments as a simple and effective method to control it. Chosen as one of the 7 best apps to relax by Forbes magazine, this anti-stress android app transports us to a world of relaxing sounds, words and images. In addition to relaxing, the anti-stress android app is highly recommended for sleeping. Another advantage is that you can connect it to Apple TV, to enjoy it on the big screen. It is currently only compatible with iOS at a price of US $ 1.99 and can you can get it in in several languages.

3. Daily Yoga

Judging by the reviews, Daily Yoga is the temple of Android Yoga. Listed as one of the best Yoga and meditation anti-stress android app, it is the most complete and get it on Android.

The app is a mini instructor in our pocket that offers us yoga exercises in HD with different durations and levels, with their audio instructions, accompanied by relaxing background music. This personal trainer has 40 sessions, 300 positions, background music and explanatory videos and image galleries. It seems like a good way to combat stress and get in shape. It is compatible with Android and iOS and it is also free.

4. Sounds of nature

If what we need is to disconnect we no longer need to leave the city. This anti-stress android app is designed to relax us and, in addition, it is very well ranked among those that help us sleep. After a hard day’s work, the sound of ocean waves, rain or the current of a river can be a refreshing balm to relax. The app is available for free for Android.

5. Stress Flush

More oriented towards an introspective work to control stress, this anti-stress android app allows us to write and save thoughts in those moments when we are more relaxed, so that we can later use them as positive reinforcements. Some call it the supercoiling app, as it is ideal to use during those high stress moments at work. It is very friendly and anyone can use it. Fortunately, the rise of mobile anti-stress android apps is also related to the psyche and general well-being. So now you know, if you feel like you need a little relaxation, in this wonderful world of Zen anti-stress android apps you will surely find one for you.