The mobile app development world is evidently growing in leaps and bound. The introduction of this technology has already begun paving way for greater things to come. And now that mobile applications are dominating the technological landscape, many enterprises have not only begun shifting their focus on mobile app development but are also showing growing interest in technologies supporting artificial intelligence (AI).

In other to help these businesses achieve their dream, many app development companies are working assiduously to build and design apps with artificial intelligence technology. Obviously, the introduction of this technology in the industry has led to the development of various smart apps ranging from automated customer service to high-end data science.

With the look of things, there is a need for app developers to start learning and adopting ways through which intelligent voice interfaces can be included in their apps. Many smart apps developed today, such as Assistant, Cortana, and Siri are designed to launch various services, send messages, track down information, answer questions, and perform other tasks. Despite being regarded as some sort of sophisticated functionality, the integration of AI into mobile app development has proven to be very helpful in simplifying work for mobile users.

To this end, there is no need for application developers to see affordability as a threat to achieving such a task. Just so you know, it’s become imperatively important for app development companies and their developers to start working toward integrating an intelligent voice interface into their mobile applications. To some, the future is already here particularly now that artificial intelligence has begun powering mobile applications. So, how can app developers help enterprises and startups build the breakthrough AI products they seek?

High problem-solving skills required

The process of applying logical reasoning to solve pressing problems is both an art and a science. Commonly referred to as automated reasoning, mobile app developers need to acquire high problem-solving skills to be able to effectively and efficiently apply AI tech in mobile app development. With automated reasoning, app development companies have been able to develop apps capable of solving puzzles, winning chess games, and proving theorems.

Several applications have been able to successfully make predictions through this technological integration. These days, optimizing results and drawing conclusions can be better done with the use of automated reasoning. To achieve this, developers will need to create an efficient algorithm that can take scores and gather numerous data in bits while learning from past events to create helpful information for the end-user.

Ability to provide relevant content

Users tend to quickly get tired of an app that lacks continuous relevant content to keep them engaged. This is mainly why many apps fail to make a lasting impact shortly after being released. Mobile app developers need to be able to create helpful recommendation services that can provide meaningful solutions to virtually any problem users may face while engaging with the app. This approach to AI is the simplest and most effective solution that can be provided as far as mobile app development is concerned.

Basically, app developers will need to ensure that every bit of content provided is both fresh and relevant. Just so you know, mobile users are not interested in things that are not relevant to their needs. It is easier for apps to effectively make recommendations that could be of interest to end-users when the choices they make are properly monitored and inserted into a learning algorithm.

The use of recommendation services can greatly help to serve as a powerful stream of revenue for enterprises that specialize in up-selling or cross-selling content. This is one unique method of AI application in mobility that is evident in the entertainment sector. Large enterprises like Netflix are utilizing this type of AI approach to market and sell their products (content).

Ability to learn users’ behavior patterns

The introduction of AI to the mobile app development industry has paved way for other technologies such as machine learning (ML), big data, natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, and computer vision to make an entry into the mobile space. But integrating an intelligence layer (AI) across the entire tech stack is simply more important.

To this end, app development companies need to focus more of their attention on learning behavior patterns. This will go a long way in helping to get users highly engaged and even make the entire session go smoothly. Developers can help provide solutions that are best suited to the user’s preference by learning their behavior patterns.

Truth be told, the process of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into mobile app development is not an easy feat. As a matter of fact, a lot of hard work is involved to effectively introduce.AI to any mobile app development project. App development companies will need to start transforming their IT staff to effectively deal with more tactical issues and gain control of the rapidly evolving market.

AI adoption is faced with quite a number of growing issues such as data management, integration, performance, usage, adoption, and security. Understanding how to overcome these challenges can greatly help to yield better results. One way to improve user experience is by ensuring that they gain unrestricted access to relevant data while providing adequate security. Also, note that the importance of learning user behavior cannot be a substitute for any other as it is a pivotal feature for an effective AI integration.

All these will involve adopting agile development methods, implementing API-based architectures, integration applications with legacy systems, and securing mobile access to data. Without providing solutions to these existing problems, it will be relatively difficult to achieve meaningful results.

Enterprises looking to incorporate AI into their app development plans must endeavor to work with highly qualified and experienced app development companies that really understand what it takes to build services into responsive personal assistants.