As we prepare to enter month seven of being in quarantine, many couples find themselves struggling in their marriage. According to a recent Bloomberg report, divorce rates have skyrocketed since March 2020. Couples that don’t normally spend a lot of time together are now forced to spend most of their time together, and this is likely heightening conflicts that may have been “swept under the rug” in earlier months or years.

In my experience as a divorce and family lawyer in Bergen County, New Jersey, and Monmouth County, New Jersey, I have found that many couples have also been financially impacted by COVID-19 which can put more stress on a marriage. Even worse, some couples have dealt with the loss of a family member because of the virus which can have a negative impact on one’s relationship as they work through the grieving process.  For a number of reasons, now is a telling time in anyone’s marriage.

Divorce is hard enough, but going through a divorce while being forced to quarantine at home can cause increased anxiety during the divorce process.  Not having an outlet can make an already difficult process seem unbearable. Mental health is also a very important issue to manage during the process. Having an understanding of the divorce process and the anticipated issues that may arise will help alleviate some of the uncertainty and stress. 

Seeking professional mental help during this time is likely a good idea. In addition, seeking legal counsel is important too. With the assistance of counsel, you can begin to set expectations before jumping into the process and attempt to prevent any surprises.  Each circumstance is unique, so it may be helpful to talk to a mental health expert, and a lawyer in an effort to reduce the stress of what may be the most challenging time in life so far. 

In closing, you will know when a divorce is a right decision for you. A divorce is a life-altering moment, and it should not be taken lightly. Be mindful to take the necessary time to find a top family lawyer near you, and determine whether or not this is the right move for you.

Sheena Burke Williams, Esq.


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