Real estate lead generation is all about finding customers, converting them to clients, and finally referrals and repeat business.

What is a lead? Think of it like a business card. Simply a name and contact information. It is what you do with it that makes the information valuable. It is your job to reach out across multiple platforms, multiple times to begin to nurture the relationship. Reaching out just once, generally won’t seal the deal.

Always start by providing a value add. This connection is not about you, or business, it is about the client, what they want, what they need, and how you can best facilitate their goal.

A clear example is SetSchedule, a provider of internet leads, verified leads, scheduled opportunities, and direct SetHello connections. SetSchedule incorporates the latest developments in data and artificial intelligence to connect real estate agents with home shoppers filling Realtors’ calendars with a targeted stream of real, interested local buyers and sellers.

Many real estate agents rely on old-school marketing and networking strategies, depending on word-of-mouth and friends and family referrals, but neglecting the abundance of knowledge and future opportunities available elsewhere. SetSchedule aims to help real estate professionals use technology and data analytics in a notoriously competitive industry to give them an edge. AI-powered predictive data, market knowledge and advanced marketing software tools are leveraged by the multi-patented platform to enhance the transaction experience and give real estate professionals a leg up to reach a deal.

This exclusive model has challenged the conventional business model for the real estate industry through SetSchedule’s proprietary Referral Radar™ platform unmatched by other real estate or tech company.

When working a lead remember to:

Contact them

It takes an average of 9 touch points of contact before you even reach a client on the other end. Be patient, and use all tool at your fingertips, call, text and email.

Keep in touch

Even if a client is not in the market, per se, and may be “just looking”, give them something to talk about, like their dream home, and send them listings. Provide useful information on the market or neighborhood and stay connected with relevant and insightful information they want to know.

Take notes

The more you know and remember about a client the more unique and special they feel. No one likes to work with someone who doesn’t remember details about them or what is important to them. Write down family names, birthdates, and notes on topics you discuss to reference later.

Schedule a meeting and come prepared

Once both parties are comfortable to meet do you homework. While you may not know the average days homes are on the market in the area, or average rental price for home their size off the top of your head, this is all information you should review, research and bring to your meeting.

Give them a goal

Always leave a meeting with a reward or action plan. This can be a few listings of homes that meet their budget that would be a fit, or a strategy to sell their home fast. Lead conversion is all about how you approach the relationship. Be responsive, reach out, come prepared and have a goal to ensure that you leave with a client!