April Whiting Haraguchi knows island life like the back of her hand and incorporates it into both her business and family life. When she was 11 years old, she moved with her family from the Philippines to Hawaii and cultivated a strong work ethic and an appreciation for the people and places around her.

When most people think of work/life balance, it is about keeping things in check on each side of the scale. It’s about making specific time for family and leaving the office at the office. However, it can get a bit more complicated in some situations, and not everyone believes that making that divide is necessary. For April Whiting-Haraguchi, this is the case. She asserts that her connection with her family is enriching for her business, and she and her husband Glenn Haraguchi find a variety of ways to explore their family dynamic while growing their business.

Fitting in Active Pursuits With Her Family

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted families worldwide, and there is no exception when it comes to the Owner of Champs Hawaii Sports Bar & Restaurant. The restaurant industry is not one where sitting around for long periods of time is an option. Keeping energy levels up is essential, and that means staying active. With the pandemic, travel opportunities were limited; however, the family found a wide variety of opportunities to stay active without having to leave the islands. 

Many who fantasize about vacationing in Hawaii image laying on the sandy beaches and wading in the ocean while feeling the sun on their skin. There are times for a calm experience at more easy-going beaches like Lanikai Beach and Ko Olina Lagoons. There are also great hiking opportunities in places like Kapalua Coastal Trail. In addition to hiking, there are other pursuits that are great for connecting with family, including fishing and animal exploration. Glenn also loves going on outings, kayaking, and distance swimming. Sometimes it is time to hold still, and at those times, board games or just watching movies make great activities for the whole family.

In addition to the restaurant business, April and Glenn Haraguchi have branched into the adventure business and are owners of Extreme 7D dark rides in Ala Moana Mall and Ka Makana Aldi. Owning an arcade offers an excellent chance for adults to connect with their kids’ video games and other sporting pursuits and stay connected to the younger generation.

Balancing the Everyday

As with most families, not every moment together is a party. Sometimes staying active means taking the kids along on shopping errands, but especially during the lockdown, it became easier to see the value of time spent apart from each other as well. April and Glenn’s kids enjoy creating art and playing video games, and doing whatever they want. She believes it is essential to schedule time together, but also to schedule time apart; even the closest families can get on one another’s nerves from time to time. Knowing what is coming takes away much of the uneasiness and confusion that can come from not knowing what is next or running into one another’s schedules.

Things like tending to business needs and other adulting responsibilities need to have their place as well. The kids also need opportunities just to be kids. There are times when responsibilities overlap, such as shopping and chores. The more you can make life an adventure, the better each aspect becomes.