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Why do good things happen to bad people?

This is a question that came to my mind this morning after reading some ladies’ comments about Christine Quinn from “Selling Sunset” (refer to our Facebook group for the detailed post).

Some of you mentioned that she is a disgusting person, a narcissist and overall horrible human being.

The same comments have been shared on my post about Lauren Sanchez.

Do bad people not deserve to manifest their dream lives in your opinion -and is life “unfair?”

Well, that might be true, but it does not matter unless you make it matter.

Why does it seem like “bad” people are winning?

We are in charge of our own realities.

This means that “good” people and “bad” people both have the same power to create their realities.

The thing I see with “good” people, is that they expect that being good will give them rewards in the long run.

The difference with “bad” people (that I have noticed), is that they unapologetically go for what they want and put themselves first.

With the Law, focus is key. And you rarely see “bad” people trying to justify why they do “not deserve something.”

In fact, they believe to their core that they deserve something no matter what everyone around them thinks of it.

I am not here to comment on what is “good” and what is “bad.”

All that I am trying to say is that I see a lot of “good” people wasting their valuable attention on the “bad” people – who in my reality more often than not seem to be thriving.

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Are you telling me to become “bad,” Lexi?

I am writing this post as an eye-opener, as I myself, a so-called “good” person and many “good” people that I have seen throughout my life have been given the short end of the stick through life.

For myself, I can see that by focusing on how “bad” things happen to “good” people, I manifested more of that into my own life

And NO, I am not telling you to become an evil B@%ch, but I am telling you to take a step back and observe.

Ask yourself, will the focus on things that are “unfair” help you further when you think of the Law?

In my understanding and my experience in applying the Law, being a “good” person who is judging “bad” people from the sidelines will actually set you back in creating the reality you feel that they “unrightfully” got.

The truth in the Law is that your focus on unfairness will actually create more moments of unfairness in your life.

Instead, I would ask for you to take a moment and try to refocus on those examples of “good” people who did get what they want (there are so many, yet oftentimes they are not deemed “exciting” enough).

I have shared many examples of Good Women Glamifesting a Dream Life.

Realize that “good women” AND “bad women” can manifest the life they deserve, that is a given.

Now, I implore you to ask yourself what you want.

Do you want to keep focusing on unfairness and getting upset about those who “unrightfully” got what they “do not deserve,” or do you shift your focus on what you do want?

I leave the choice with you.

If you are finding this all hard to do this by yourself, reach out to me and I will add you to my coaching waitlist.

Light and love always,