Many of us are aware of digital detoxing in its informal sense – spending some time away from our screens to relax, take in some fresh air, and interact with other actual, real-life human beings. These detoxes are important for all members of the family, as technology overuse has been found to be bad for one’s eyes, cause headaches and affect our sleeping patterns.

Given this need to take a break from our devices, it was only a question of time before digital detoxing became an industry. People have been getting away from the hustle and bustle with weekend breakaways and longer holidays for ages, but it is only in the last decade that tourist destinations have started to position themselves as digital detox destinations. And these destinations have certainly taken off, first across Europe, but increasingly in the US.

My favorite part about hiking and/or running is the break that I receive from my computer and telephone scree.

While anyone can organize a digital detox getaway, those places that market themselves as digital detox destinations, often go the extra mile to ensure a complete break with technology. Many lock your phones and other devices in a safe, just in case you feel like “cheating” in a moment of weakness. Others are situated outside the reach of any mobile signal. You also won’t find any television in your room. Instead, guests are offered board games, nature walks, coloring exercises and other non-digital pastimes.

Some resorts even take the detox one step further by offering meditation classes or massage sessions specifically designed to help visitors recover from a digital overload.

As technology becomes increasingly pervasive, digital detox holidays seem like they will only increase in popularity. Add to this the amount of time people have spent in front of screens instead of in nature due to COVID-19 restrictions, and it is reasonable to expect a massive demand for this offering once everyone is able to move around without restrictions again. It therefore makes sense that digital detox tourism may well be one of the wellness trends of the second part of 2021.

So maybe it’s time to plan your own perfect digital detox breakaway. Ironically, you might need to do some online research to find the spot that is perfect for you, but once there, you won’t regret it. To find this destination, you first have to look at your own preferences. The choice of destinations includes remote islands, the countryside, rustic accommodation and even locations that specialize in family breakaways.

Secondly, you need to decide which activities will be best suited to your body and personality to get rid of all that digital stress behind. Options include physical exercise (light or heavy), nature trails, massages, arts and crafts workshops, safari tours and hot tubs. Once you know your perfect destination and activities, finding a destination that works for you should be easy.

Travel to certain destinations may not be open in the next few months, but what better way to boost your wellness right now than to plan the perfect post-getaway digital detox?

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