Are you an Introvert or a shy guy? When you see people you zip your lips?

Imagine a situation where you are standing with two or more people may be in a wedding, a job interview, in a conference or most importantly while dealing with your clients.

Tell me a particular thing you find in these situations in common?

Almost in all these situations, you find people involving to talk with each other.

But in that very second where a conversation seems to blow up or booms down, we fall short. The problem you face is what next to say. Right?

Here are a few tips for introverts and everyone else who are shy and doesn’t know how to blow up a talk to great ideas.

Ask For Stories Not For Answers

When we start a conversation if someone is asking you for anything, try to answer in a story not as you’re told to solving Yes/No question.

And when you are asking to someone, never ask a question, instead show your interest to know their story.

Trust at some points, we all act wired to share something ourselves, but in order to get to a point, it’s very important to show interest in another first.

“If you want to be interesting, be interested.”

Once you get filled with what’s going on you can start asking a question through the given information.

In spite…

# How are you?

# How was the day?

# Where are you belong to?

# What do you do?

# What are your responsibilities of work that you are in?

# What’s your name?

# How was the weekend?

# What’s going on?

# Would you like some coffee?

# How long have you been you are living here?


# What’s your story?

# What did you do today?

# What’s the strangest thing about where you went up?

# What’s the most interesting thing happened today?

# How’d you end up in your responsibilities of work?

# What does your name actually mean? Do like it to mean something else?

# What was the best part of this weekend?

# What are you planning for this week?

# If you could travel by blinking your eyes, where would you like to go right now?

Stop Being A Mirror

Mirroring is a technique or can say a habit of acting as a mirror of the person you’re talking with.

When small talks stop out, it’s also due to the reason we call “mirroring.”

In the attempts to become sophisticated, we answer people’s questions as directly as possible, we repeat their words only, or just blindly agree with whatever they are saying.

Let’s look up for an example…

Lynda: This website is completely fake.

John: Yes! It’s a fake one.

See? Here John followed the social norms by completely going through the view of Lynda but what he did? He cut the discussion and even missed a topic to discuss.

A Non-mirrored example

Lynda: This website is completely fake.

John: They say that this website made a lot of people beggar. Isn’t it?

See? Now Lynda and John are talking! Try to be provocative.

Leapfrog The Percepted Response

A very nice way to break the boredom conversation mirror is to leapfrog assumed reply, and try to achieve the next level.

In spite

Tom: How was your journey?

Jerry: It was good!

Tom: It’s cold today.

Jerry: Yeah, it’s very cold.

Charles: What’s up?

Jimmy: Hey, what’s up?

Go For…

Tom: How was your Journey?

Jerry: I’d be delighted if my ticket price was based on my measuring, my body weight and IQ.

Tom: It’s cold today.

Jerry: In this area, yes.

Charles: What’s up?

Jimmy: Washing the dishes and just spread the bacteria everywhere (Add some humor in your conversation).

So, it’s all about you and your reply. If you’re really worried about how to gather more clients, how to interact with new people, and how to spread my business. There is no way to remain succinct.

Go ahead, be confident! Take away the round table conference with your clients!

Call to Action!

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