Being the girl (or woman) with the most cake is what I’m talking about this week ladies?! 

Why? Because so many of you are RUNNING their businesses around the belief — you can’t have your cake and eat it. So you accept less than you deserve for the sake of having something else. 

Sound familiar? It’s ok to not have X as now I have Y. 

Surely we can’t have it all anyway?! And many women feel judged for even wanting it all in the first place.

It’s greedy to have your cake and eat it. 

So many women say – it’s ok that I don’t earn as much as my partner or as I did in my corporate job because I have more freedom now than I did before.

But then, they crack out the numbers and realise they only have 6 months left of earning this much before it will be time to return to the dreaded corporate job or prestigious position they were in need of leaving in the first place.

After all, I can’t have my cake and eat it or CAN I?

It’s time to shift to being the girl (or woman) who has the most cake. Buy two cakes and even the whole god damn bakery if you need too. Your life and business is the total sum of what you’re prepared to accept and tolerate so stop accepting it. 


  • Lulu Minns

    Advocate and Award Winning Coach

    Guiding Women to free themselves from positions to prestige to businesses of significance. Coach, Advocate, Community Builder and Podcast Host of She Rebel Radio on ITUNES.