I wanted to ask all of you fearless moms a question and that is, are you feeling stuck right now in your life?  With yet another Mother’s Day behind us, it has me reflecting on my own life and this new season ahead.

I have felt stuck many times and I have found that it happens most when I think I should be something that I am not. The anxiety comes when I think it should be otherwise. I know in these moments that I am trying to force myself to do something when I hear myself saying “I shouldn’t be stuck, I have to figure this out now!” 

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is to be more patient with myself when I am feeling stuck.  Sometimes my emotions get the best of me and I can be a very reactive person, it sometimes works for me and other times it backfires, but it has taught me many lessons. If I am quick to react, it’s easy to say or do something that I may regret later. Although patience is sometimes hard to learn, and it’s something I work on daily, it’s an important skill to develop. It is really about being able to control how you look at things is the key to getting unstuck and breaking free. Learning to slow down and develop awareness of your thoughts will help you take some time to put everything into perspective before reacting to a situation. 

But really feeling stuck is a resistance to change. We all fear change, yes? But change is crucial for growth. Things change because YOUR perception changes. Feeling stuck usually means that it is time to make a change. It simply means that something isn’t working for you anymore. The choice between remaining stuck or moving forward will always be YOURS.

I also have found that shaping your perception is so powerful that just a small change in perspective can completely change everything. All limitations really start from your mind. 

For starters, I think we have to stop pushing against feelings of actually being stuck. You know, those feelings of total angst inside, can you relate? When I relax and surrender into being still and quiet and above all out in nature, I somehow get the answers! So today I am going to help you with 3 ways that have helped me get unstuck:

1. Get outdoors and get some Vitamin D and C (Connection) ! Being outdoors and Connection are often the two best nutrients.

2. Play and have fun! Do something that you LOVE To do! Go dancing, go hiking, plan a long, overdue weekend with girlfriends!

3. Try something new, maybe do something out of your comfort zone, something a little scary perhaps? 

Or ask yourself this one question:

“If I had 10 minutes I would”…. This usually puts it all in perspective for me!

Why wait? Now get to it!

Lisa Taitelman is a Transformational Coach, who calls herself a Trail Blazer, she currently guides groups of women and challenges them physically through hiking, emotionally, through sharing and connection, and spiritually through meditation. She inspires and educates women that it is never too late to reinvent yourself through her 6-week hiking empowerment program called Finding Your Trail. For more information on her different programs, please visit her website here: