Have you ever experienced stress at  work? I know you have because anyone who has had a job can attest to this.

Work-related stress is very common.  The American Psychological Association (APA), estimates that one in every three workers suffers from stress.

Any job comes with its own stressful elements. This may be caused by your need to accomplish challenging tasks or to meet deadlines.

However, prolonged stress can lead to emotional and physical breakdown.  You’re about to find out how you can cope with stress at the workplace.

Ask for Assistance When You Need it

Getting support from family members and trustworthy friends can help deal with stress. Your employer can also have access to stress management tools too.

These are available through an employee assistance program (EAP). They may comprise counseling, online information and recommendations to a mental health expert if needed.

Have a Simple To-do-list

It is important to have a to-do-list. Write down what you want to do every day. However, ensure that you don’t overload your list.

Yes, you will get more things done in a day, but you will be stressed and overwhelmed. Just have a considerable amount that you can handle.

One to two crucial tasks is enough for a day.

Always Remember What Excites You in Your Job

Is there anything that excites you to go to work every day? If there is, then you should think about that when you’re stressed.

It could be that you have amazing co-workers, your job is fulfilling or you’re doing what you dreamt of doing when you were younger.

 It is not possible to have feelings of anger and gratitude at the same time. Therefore, remind yourself of the good things about your job despite the stressors that you have.

If you feel that there is nothing exciting about your job, then maybe it is time to do something different. Do not allow stress to take a toll on you by doing a job that doesn’t excite you anymore.

Take a Vacation

I know you want to always be committed to your work. I agree with you and there is nothing wrong with that. However, for how long will you remain committed when you’re stressed?

 Instead, this will lower your productivity.  Trust me, you need a vacation to rejuvenate. This will increase your productivity and you will shine through as a committed employee.

This can also minimize stress symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, and sleepiness.  Come back to work feeling refreshed and relaxed. You are now ready to get things done.

Identify Your Stressors

Yes, you’re stressed. But, do you know what is stressing you? Most people do not take a step to identify what their stressors are.

For example, you’re lagging behind in your work. This can cause induced anxiety. Are you able to identify the reason for this?

Maybe you spend most your time chatting with your co-worker or on social media hence don’t get work done. 

After you have identified the stressors, now it’s time regain your focus.

Have Healthy Responses to Stress

What’s your response when stressed? Do you indulge in unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol and eating fast food?

This is not the way to respond when stressed. Instead, exercise as this is a very good stress-buster. Yoga or engaging in any form of physical activity is good.

What do you love doing in your free time? Maybe you love fishing, taking your dog for a walk or just sitting and watching the sun set.  Such activities will help you manage stress.


Don’t worry if you’re stressed because there are numerous ways to manage it. Make sure you identify your stressors, ask for help if you need it and do the things you love.

Also, avoid any distractions at work that will make you not meet deadlines hence become stressed.