Are You Losing Excitement About Life - Read This

You Have a Future

When we get caught in the daily grind, it’s so easy to forget that everything we experience has a purpose. We get tired, angry, annoyed, and overwhelmed to the point that we don’t look forward to our tomorrows anymore.

However, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Yes, I know that quotation sounds like something a rose-colored glasses-wearing person would say. But it is true if you just take a step back and look at where you are now.

You might have seen or experienced the things that you wanted back then, and you just failed to notice them now. At one point in your life, you dreamed about reaching where you are now. It might not look exactly like it, but trust me, you are getting there.

It’s so easy to get disappointed and uninspired if we fail our expectations. We have this idea of who we are and what we want, so if those things do not happen, we stop halfway. It feels like there’s no point in feeling exhausted anymore if we just feel stagnant. However, you are still moving towards your goals. 

If you have a firm grasp of what you want in life, then the things that drag you will not keep you stuck. Hurdles and hardships are part of life, and if you’ve survived before, you’re going to survive again now. You didn’t give up before, so why give up now?

I know that it’s hard to realize your purpose early on in life. If you grow up with a tunnel vision, good for you. But in my case, it took so many years to realize mine. Do I think the past has gone wasted? Still no. Everything that I experienced is all just preparing me to become the person worthy of the good things that will happen.

And if you don’t know exactly what your purpose is, simply go back to the things that fulfill you. It doesn’t have to be something grand, it just has to make you feel significant and part of something vast. Nothing beats inner satisfaction because it gives everything you do a cause. You’ll feel more excited to conquer each day despite the setbacks and disappointments. 

Practice being kinder to yourself because everything will eventually work out. At the same time, whatever negativities you’re feeling now, it shall pass. And even if the happiness passes too, the next joy you’ll feel is worth the fight you’ve chosen. 

Reignite Your Spark

If you don’t like what you’re doing, the driving force to get up every day will soon perish. But even though it might not feel like it, the spark to feel passionate will never die. It just needs you to fuel it to keep you illuminated.

Maybe something as simple as redecorating your kitchen and buying a new gas range like this is enough to remind you of your dream of having a restaurant. You can start with homemade meals that your friends and family can appreciate while you’re also doing what you love. Your job might be completely different from your passion, but you can always dedicate a time to remind you that you have things that you love doing. 

It’s not realistic to say to you to “just follow and do what makes you happy.” Most of the time, we need to be practical and postpone or compromise our dreams to make way for something feasible. However, remind yourself that you are also paving your way towards your passion. I think, if I can save enough from my job, I can finally study cinematography later on. 

Just because you feel uninspired at the moment doesn’t mean you’ll always be this way. You are choosing something more realistic that may not make you feel alive. However, it is also something that will allow you someday to live with no consequences because you choose to be practical.

And while you are waiting on your way towards what your heart and soul wants, you can still find chances to feed them. You can still start a small project that fits with your present lifestyle, even if it’s not immediately related to your dream role. Read a book about your favorite author, and remind yourself that someday you’ll get there as well. 

Sometimes, small moments like that are what’s going to let you know yourself better. You’re going to find what excites you and what makes you want to push through the dullness and difficulty of life. Inspiration and passion are what you need to remain excited about life.

Accept Your Emotions

One of the things that will eventually wear you out is if you prevent your emotions. We can easily forget that we are humans and that we should never show emotions, especially sadness. Remind yourself that happiness and sadness will both happen in your life. Therefore, accept all the emotions that you feel.

Allow yourself to be happy, sad, angry, and everything in between. In order to be excited about being alive, you have to understand why you feel a certain way. And with acceptance comes the ability to let go of those emotions when it’s time. 

It’s going to be more comfortable to avoid or suppress emotions. However, doing so will not give you the chance to let them flow. You can only be both actively and passively excited about being alive if you understand why you feel a certain way. 

Let Things Go

As I have mentioned previously, you have to let go of emotions after you recognize them. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to face new challenges. You will continuously dwell on regrets, what-ifs, and disappointments when in truth, you have better chances to improve and experience better triumphs. 

You need to improve your capacity to accept things as they are and let go of what needs to be let go. Life is always exciting because it is always flowing. But if you can’t let go of some things, you will feel that you are stuck. 

It’s about time to be compassionate with yourself. Future you don’t need the beating that you gave to past you. You experienced all those painful situations because they are preparing you towards a more developed life. 

Life doesn’t always have to be like those in books and movies. Sometimes it’s good just to pause and appreciate what you have achieved. There is so much more to look forward to.