Do you know where to go?

Is your GPS not working?

Many adults question where they’re heading and what their purpose is in life and career. Having clarity in your life helps you find the right energy and the right resources to move forward. Clarity of direction helps you determine what you will do each day. If this direction is aligned with your purpose, it gives you a greater sense of confidence that promotes success.

Your Goal

As you try to clarify the path to your goals you need to consider these questions: Who are you? What do you really want? What is your purpose? All these questions can be answered by examining your experiences – your stories. You’ll be amazed at what your stories can reveal about yourself. You have the ability to navigate your compass and to define your goals.

Your History

It is important to explore your past because your collective experiences will give you clues as to how to achieve your eventual success. What makes you feel fulfilled? What do you enjoy sharing with others? Look at your experiences – your present work role, volunteering, education, and other involvements.

Your Clarification Sketch

Developing a clarification sketch is essential in moving forward. We start by determining what question you’re trying to answer. This is done by telling and sharing your stories, illuminating your strengths, personal qualities, desires, natural interests, possibilities, and assets you have. After listing all these different skills and attributes, you are able to see themes.

Your Career Statement

To gain valuable feedback, you share your experience and stories with others who might see you from a different perspective and therefore provide you with insight you may otherwise overlook. By following this process of looking at your stories and experience – your goals, your history, insights from others, etc. – you’ll now be ready to write your career statement. This statement of who you are and where you want to be in your life will give you a great deal of insight and provide you with direction toward achieving success in your life and career.

Your Plan

From this point, we look at your possibilities and start to carry your intentional exploration and actions to help you explore your possibilities and answer your question. This is an interaction process where we explore and lay out steps for you to carry out to gain insight and confirmation of your intended career path. I support my clients throughout their planned actions and explorations, to enable them to find clarity, to answer their question and to guide them to their path for eventual success.

If you’re interested in learning more and want to achieve greater clarity in your life, reach out to me so we can have a meaningful conversation to help answer your career question.


  • Mark Danaher

    Career, Life and Leadership Coach, Virtual Speaker and Trainer

    Careers by Design LLC

    Mark Danaher is a career/life/leadership coach and certified career counselor who helps leaders elevate their careers and life to one they will love.  He helps his clients make the best of tough situations so they can be their best professionally and personally.   Mark uses coaching along with his extensive career development knowledge and expertise to offer his clients a uniquely holistic approach to making career and life pivots.  He helps his clients manage burnout, stress, and anxiety, integrate balance into their lives so they can make a meaningful change in their lives. He uses a holistic narrative career approach to help people tell their stories and learn from their careers and life.  Mark completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Connecticut in Economics and History and went on to earn his Masters at the University of Connecticut in Counseling Psychology.   Mark was the President of the National Career Development Association in 2014-2015 and continues to volunteer for the organization.   He is certified as a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Career Counselor, Holistic Narrative Career Professional, Retirement Options Coach, 2 Young to Retire Coach, Job, and Career Development Coach, Job and Career Transition Coach, and a Certified Career Service Provider.  Mark is a Master Trainer for the Facilitating Career Development Certificate and School Career Development Advisor certificate is actively coaching training, and teaching throughout the year.  He is now a Master Practioner of the Energy Leadership Index which is a great assessment to understand how you use your energy in your everyday life and under stress.  It gives you a great insight into how you can improve your everyday interactions and connections with colleagues, employees, family, and beyond.