family time less complicated

Society tells us that life needs to be perfect. Go to any social media site and you’ll see our quest for perfection in the touched-up photos and selfies.

Because of this, we often overcomplicate things. In the case of our kids, I used to go to great lengths to set up elaborate games and activities. I’d make sure everything was just right and everyone was happy.

(I once spent an entire day of setting and cleaning up an activity that my kids played with for 5 minutes)

So instead, what if we just kept it simple….and enjoyed the moment.

What if you just listened to the squeals of laughter?

And watched your child’s bright eyes?

Or even chose to let it go when the kids start fighting and something doesn’t go as planned?

This week, I’m encouraging you to do just that. Spend time together without the fuss. Because when you put too much pressure on yourself to make family time “perfect”, three things happen:

  1. You give up trying because it’s all so much work (and therefore don’t do it at all)
  2. You feel exhausted and overwhelmed as a mom (and then get snappy when you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself)
  3. You get consumed with mom guilt

Let’s skip all that drama and instead let life be….life. The good and the bad. The flaws and all.

And since we’re keeping it simple, here are a few easy things to do with your kids:

1. Make Your Routines Easier

Families spend the most time together during the bookends of the day. So, if you’re feeling frustrated during these times, perhaps it’s time to make things easier. Delete routine steps that aren’t needed or consider small things like having a special kid toothbrush spot (to eliminate fights) or picking short kids bedtime stories to make your wind-down time easier.

2. Stick with EASY Games

Ditch the overcomplicated family games and instead stick with easy word games like “would you rather” or “who’s most likely to” questions. These don’t require any kind of work on your part except looking them up online.

3. Just Be Together

Seriously, a family dinner and walk are just as good as any elaborate family night you could plan. So, don’t forget that it’s the quality time that matters, not the level of work that goes behind it.

In Conclusion

Most parents say they’d love more quality time with their kids. It’s easier than you think.

Just eliminate all the fluff and expectations that come with spending time with loved ones and be in the moment instead. You’ll find that this is all you need to improve your most important relationships.