While this post isn’t about systemic racism, The pic from the recent protests makes a point that we all know this needs to be addressed. Let me tell you something, we get all our Karens in the country together and guess what happens? Maybe we need to replace our elected officials with Karens so we can get some shit done! Get some shit changed! Make something happen! Don’t underestimate the power of Karen and why we should respect her for her absolute strength and gall. Bravo!

Karens get a bad rap.

Karen’s get joked about.

Karen’s get eyes rolled at.

Karen’s get made fun of.

When we think of ‘Karen’ we think of the woman she is portrayed as on social media posts claiming her to be some uptight suburban bitch, that works in HR, has 2-3 kids and a husband that can’t control her.

She sends food back.
She checks the egg cartons to make sure they aren’t cracked before she buys them.
She has a wallet full of coupons.
She’s on the PTA or town council or something.
Her kids play sports.
She probably crafts.
She expects people to do what they say they are going to do.
She expects to get what she paid for.
She expects the world to stop if she is wronged.
She asks to speak to the manager if she doesn’t get her way.

Karen stands up for herself. And others.

So let’s break this down.

When a man does it he’s well, a man. YEAHHHH heck yeah! A man’s man doesn’t put up with crap. He doesn’t get taken advantage of. He doesn’t pay too much for something and hell if that steak is overcooked he sends that beef back goddamnit!

Of course he does. He’s a man! We are not talking about the toxic masculinity of don’t cry, suck it up, hold back your emotions stuff, we are talking about masculinity in it’s finest form. What makes us men? We take charge and we don’t crap. Nor should we.

When a woman does these things she’s a meme we share on social media and make fun of for being the ultimate white middle aged entitled bitch.

Ok I know a lot of Karen’s. Even one spelled with a ‘y’
Yeah they do these things. Why?

Because if you are paying for a meal and ask for it a certain way, and it’s not right, why not tell the waiter and chef? Why buy a carton of eggs to get home and find 3 cracked? Why don’t we all clip coupons and save money on anything we can? We should be involved in our town or our kids schools. We should expect people to do what they say they are going to do; fix something, send something, call you back, whatever. We should speak to the manager if that’s what it takes to right a wrong.

I know a lot of you men that don’t do these things. Ok I’ll let you off the hook on crafting but you know Karen is saving her family a shit ton of money making those birthday decorations and cakes herself so don’t be too quick to judge.

Why are we so hard on the Karens of the world?

Are we so upset with her self-entitlement that we see past the fact that she is getting shit done?

Do we judge her because we don’t want to judge ourselves by admitting we aren’t man enough to take control of our lives the way Karens do?

Lets face it man, your masculinity is threatened by Karen. And it should be.

Man up!
Take charge!
Stand up for yourself even if it’s just because they put a pickle on your plate and you hate pickles.

And btw those that know me, know I don’t stand for that in particular, that burger goes right back!

Karens have more masculinity in them than most men I know. Seriously.

Enough already!

Enough teasing, enough joking, enough memes about women standing up for not getting what’s owed them or expected. No one is creating a meme about the Marlboro man returning his Wranger jeans back because the knees wore out sooner than they should have. (oh that would be a funny meme tho lets admit it). Maybe they wouldn’t have to if their husbands were more of a man.

Did I hit you too hard? Are you pissed I’m calling you out? You should be!

So make a difference, stand up for yourself, your family, your friends, your rights, black rights, political views, gender bias, anti-LGBTQ+ rights, something…anything. Just stand up. I dare you.

Be a man. Don’t stand in Karen’s shade, learn a lesson from her.