Masking Your Success

For years I have had the honor of working one-on-one with people ready to break free of the chains and shackles of their past emotional pain and catapult into the future they only imagined. We all have incomplete emotional wounds and baggage we carry around that we mask daily just to operate. This emotional baggage is heavy, very heavy.

Did you know it is possible to live without having any negative emotional “triggers”? Imagine living free of any self-worth issues and being in touch with your greatness at every moment in the day. Imagine living with an open heart and no fear of being hurt because you know how to walk yourself back to wholeness. You don’t have to be guarded. It is possible.

After my years of emotional work, I am so happy to be a living example of what is possible to be fully healed emotionally and living in the present. Going to Family Constellations sessions can help you free yourself from the patterns, behaviors, and emotions that keep your life limited somehow.

Understanding the purpose of your past and the reason why emotional pain is allowed are keys to being able to live fully in the present. You were born for a specific purpose and to make an impact in the world that no one else can.

Your emotional challenges created the tools and necessary armor to carry out your life’s mission and purpose. Without your life’s experience, you simply would not be ready and strong enough to see it through. Whatever it is you have been through, these were allowed because within your experience lies clues to your life’s purpose and Kingdom assignment.

You carry your emotional baggage around in invisible purses or wallets, carry-on bags, suitcases, and trunks. You might even have a storage unit of emotional baggage somewhere. Your “purse” or “wallet” issues represent your self-esteem and self-worth issues. You can easily tuck them away, and they don’t really slow you down that much. When your purse or wallet becomes too small to hold your self-worth issues, you need a carry-on bag.

You know you have carry-on issues if you have experienced challenges that have left you more closed and wounded from friendships that went sour. Trust issues with friendships are carried around in an emotional carry-on bag. You can even have more than one carry-on bag and still maneuver through life because they only slow you down a bit. You can usually tuck them away under your seat or in the storage bin above your head and get on with the business of your life. It’s the suitcase issues that really begin to slow you down.

Your “suitcase” represents your past romantic relationship issues.

Although your past romantic issues or broken hearts seem to be masked, you unknowingly drag them around in suitcases. You know you have suitcase issues when your heart has been wounded during or after a significant relationship, and somewhere along the way, you have decided not to fully open up or be as vulnerable with the next person. When your suitcase issues become too difficult to mask, you graduate to a trunk.

Your “Trunk” issues are your family, parent, daddy, mommy, childhood issues, and residual past experiences that keep you stuck.

Trunks are awkward, too heavy to carry, and the metal covering the corners and edges leaves drag marks behind. Any abandonment, deep hurts, deaths, or family secrets go become your trunk issues. You can only drag around so many trunks, and then it’s time to rent a storage unit.

Your “Storage Unit” issues are the most difficult to mask.

Storage units are big, and they are kept somewhere separate and out-of-site. Therefore, you go to great lengths to keep your stuff behind locked doors. Yet, they are costly! You get a bill every month, and it takes a toll on you to keep your stuff under lock and key. These are issues of sexual violation, which can leave very deep wounds and confusion for years to come. Even storage unit issues can be healed. (The Steps To Emotional Healing are outlined in my companion article).

For now, it is important for you to identify what baggage you are carrying and what is in the contents of those bags. This is the first and most important step to emotional healing and liberation, so please don’t take this part too lightly. If you want to take off your masks once and for all, it’s time to break open the locks and take a look at what you’ve been carrying around for so many years.

Most of all, remind yourself as often as necessary that you are not a victim. You are a victor! Your pain teaches you how to exercise your free will to choose to love and take another risk because when you do, you move to a new level within yourself.