New Year’s Eve

Tonight, I was schooled by a 26-year-old massage therapist. It’s New Years and I needed to do self-care.  I tried to book an appointment last minute. 3 places were booked, other people were doing the same. The one receptionist suggested I try this place as they have more therapists. I called right away, and they had a spot available, the last appointment of the night. I truly believe that the right place and the right opportunity always present.

I was 5 minutes late and I think it set this girl off. They asked the COVID-19 questions, I shared I was rapid tested yesterday and I came up negative, so all good. They tested my temperature, which should have been stopped 8 months ago, as it is mealiness and a useless way of testing for COVID-19. The image of health is not health.

She was not friendly. She walked in front of me with her head down. I was thinking to myself, ‘her posture is horrible’, but I refrained from saying anything. I tried to engage but got nothing in return. She asked what type of massage I like, I said, ‘you are the expert you decide, but I do like firm and knowledgeable’. I stopped talking at this point, until what happened next.

She coughed. I said to her, ‘is the mask affecting you?’ She shared, ‘yes, my throat gets so dry and my allergies are bad’. The air quality is so bad right now. I totally understand.  She shared the one good thing about the mask is it hides my acne. But I shared it makes it worse.  She laughed. I asked her about her plans for New Years, she said she was going to hang out with her roommate as she just went through a bad break-up.

Like a light switch turning on, she began to share information of why she is not going out, in addition to the break up, she was saving money. She said she reduced her debt during COVID-19. She lost her job for 3 months, but took on 3 other jobs at minimum wage to keep earning money. She learned how to do all this from David Ramsey’s YouTube channel. She asked if I had heard of David Ramsey, I said yes. I thought she meant the chef Gordon Ramsey. I so don’t know names.

She will eliminate her debt of $28,000 in 6 months. She shared she has an IRA, I asked about life insurance, she said yes. She is on the road to financial independence and less stress.

She is teaching her mom about reducing her debt. Her mom, who bought her house 30 years ago for $160,000, owes more on her house than what she paid.  The banks make it so easy to take out money against your home until there is no equity built up. She helped her mom realize what was happening.

I didn’t share that I had my own business at 23, life insurance, and investments. What I didn’t have that she does is the determination to be debt free.  I always “knew” I could generate money to pay off what I owe.

I had the belief that I could always generate money to pay for what I needed. This belief lasted most of my life. I always had enough to cover my expenses but not enough for profit, which is not an optimal mindset. I would work harder to pay for what I bought, and then I would help others at my expense, knowing that I could generate the money after the fact. This means I will always spend money I make in the future. WOW what a realization. Once I knew my pattern, I could stop it. Making a profit, saving, and investing money for the future is important.

Belief Changes for 2021

  1. Making a profit will help you serve others
  2. It’s okay to make a lot of money
  3. Your relationship with money comes from your parents – release this and create your own

The massage therapist shared that she is independent and can do it on her own.

I shared the secret to success I learned from the guys at the Vintage Club, who are my mentors.

  1. Delegate – hire people to do the work that you can’t, pay them less that you make per hour.
  2. Create a team of like-minded people to take you further than you could go yourself.
  3. Don’t be afraid to fail – all of the billionaire guys I have worked with all failed or went bankrupt at least once.

Behavior Changes

  1. Don’t spend money you will make in the future.
  2. Pay off your credit cards, the banks are not your friend and close your account.
  3. Invest in yourself, buy land and property.
  4. Invest in stocks – I have to invest in things I think are stupid, if you know me you will know why.
  5. Get life insurance, it will be a nest egg for your children when they are older.
  6. Stop spending – this is similar to dieting, you have to stop eating what is not optimal for your body.

I left her my card and asked her to keep me updated on her success. I know she will be a student of mine sometime in the future, she wants to learn more, be more, and earn more.

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