Many times, the role of women in wealth creation is often underrepresented, creating a void and sending a false message of nonchalance to aspiring young women who may want to launch into the financial and entrepreneurial space. One woman bearing the torch and encouraging women’s involvement in the business and financial sector is Hither Mann,the esteemed founder of Fortune Academy and one of the world’s leading educators in financial trading.   

Hither Mann is a peak performance coach to Tier 1 Banks, a financial trader, property investor, internationally acclaimed keynote speaker and the creator of Fortune Academy, the world’s first lifetime wealth education provider. Through the Fortune Academy, Hither has empowered many aspiring individuals, helping them find a sustainable way to manage their own wealth and create far more prosperity than they would by giving their money to a bank or a wealth manager. In addition to helping aspiring individuals break into the financial sector, Hither also offers joint venture opportunities to investors and company owners through The Billionaire Project helping them scale to get to an IPO level or a private equity buyout with $1 billion as the target exit. 

Growing up in a traditional household with many  financial problems, Hither had one burning desire – to become super wealthy and help her parents out of their difficulties. At such an impressionable age, she was made to believe the only way to attain success was through formal education, and so she strived and aced all her exams. However, instead of the expected financial freedom, Hither felt trapped in her career. Not one to accept her sour fate, Hither started the process of learning again and in 2004, she discovered property networking and began learning real wealth building skills. With the newly acquired skills, Hither changed her financial status through property and then financial trading.

However, it was not until 2012 when she attended a National Achievers Congress in London Excel that Hither Mann realized the gaping void left by the lack of female representation on the speaking circuits where business and money were discussed. Wanting to make a difference and change the status quo, Hither made it her responsibility to get on the big stage as an encouragement to other women and became the first female creator and educator on the speaking circuit internationally in 2013. “My vision has always been to be that female leader in the business and financial world because it was so lacking in my life. I had no female role models whatsoever, and I genuinely think this is a major area of concern,” she explained. True to form, many women soon followed suit, following Hither’s trend to aim for success in a male-dominated industry.

Through the Fortune Academy, Hither conducts the The Billionaire Project, the academy’s most recent venture inspired by her experience in the private banking and the investment banking world. “This is a project that allows a hand-picked client base to leverage the  massive network I’ve created from 2004 which are private bankers, managing directors of tier one banks , hedge fund owners, and many financial institutions that would help raise finance into projects they are working on,” Hither explained.

In the coming years, Hither Mann wants to empower more individuals, especially women, with the best wealth education, and expertise through Fortune Academy. Learn how to reach financial freedom under Hither Mann’s guidance by visiting Fortune Academy’s official website. You may also contact her via  Instagram.