Yvette Rose

There’s a quiet revolution happening in the body health industry. Experts who have been talking about the differences between men’s bodies and women’s bodies for years are finally gaining some traction. Women are discovering the gut-brain connection is key to looking and feeling their best.

One expert standing on the forefront of this revolution is Yvette Rose. Yvette is a Board Certified Holistic Gut Health Coach. She’s also the Founder and CEO of Joule Goddess, a Holistic Women’s Health Company. Yvette believes in creating the right conditions for a woman’s body and mind to heal itself. So she teaches an integrated method involving nutrition, movement, and meditation.

For Yvette, this revolution in women’s health is personal. She has always been interested in physical fitness, but it was only after her first son was born with developmental delays that she started her journey to understanding the connection between the gut and the brain. 

“Back then,” says Yvette, “I believed staying healthy was a matter of finding the right combination of diet and exercise. Today, I know it’s about getting the gut healthier so detoxification happens, inflammation is relieved, and the gut is free to connect with the endocrine system and act as our second brain.”

Your Gut is Your Second Brain

Have you ever felt stress or anxiety as a pain in your stomach? Have you ever experienced digestive issues when you’re overly stressed? These are examples of how your gut and your brain work together.

We’ve always known about the connection between the brain and digestion. We’re familiar with the body’s central nervous system (the brain and the spinal cord), which extends from the brain to all the major organs of the body through a network of nerves. 

Now, new research shows that the connection between your brain and your gut runs even deeper than we realized. You actually have a second nervous system located in your gut. This is called the enteric nervous system and its system of nerves extends along the entire digestive tract from the esophagus to the anus.

Since the enteric nervous system uses neurons (i.e., brain cells) and neurotransmitters, some experts call the gut our “second brain.” This system plays a key role in certain diseases as well as our overall mental health. In fact, some people with GI disorders have seen a significant reduction in their symptoms after working with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

“I remember the first time I learned that my digestive system actually contains brain cells (neurons),” says Yvette. “I was blown away. But then the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. I really started to connect a lot of dots in my own health journey.”

Yvette realized that when she was regularly meditating and sticking to her yoga practice, she had fewer digestive problems. “I ran some experiments where I would eat the same diet and only change my mental health routine. I was amazed at how different my body felt when I focused on the mindfulness stuff,” Yvette says.

From here, Yvette decided she needed to spread the word to other women. She began coaching women about how to:

  • Track their cycles and change their diets based on hormonal changes.
  • Wake up, look in the mirror, and see what their face and body is telling them.
  • Create a meditation practice for mental and physical health.

Yvette’s latest brainstorm are her Joule bars. Working with a team of Physicians for 11+ years on research and development, she has a patent on these specially formulated gut-brain health bars. “I realized that all of the protein bars on the market were formulated for and tested on male bodies,” Yvette says. “But a woman’s body changes on a weekly basis depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle. Other bars have a tendency to cause inflammation in women.”

The benefits of Joule bars:

  • On-the-go nutrition for hormonal balancing and digestive health
  • Fight bloat
  • Rebuild the gut microbiota
  • No processed proteins
  • Keto friendly

Yvette Rose is bringing hope to so many women who have been listening to the advice of their male trainers and doctors forever. The differences between the biology of men’s bodies and women’s bodies have been ignored in the industry for way too long. The revolution is here.