I’m not a baseball fan. Just getting that out of the way.

Nothing against baseball. It’s just that I grew up playing the most played sport in the world … football. For some, it’s soccer.

I mention that just in case I may say something about baseball to make a point and it immediately shows that I don’t know baseball.

In any case, I’ve heard of a batter making a sacrifice hit, so that the other players on a base close to home, could make it safely to home-base.

So far, am I doing good?

What I’ve learned is that the batter will not go for a big swing, but simply a touch so that the ball doesn’t travel too far from the bat when hit. It’s almost a tap.

Still doing good?

Ok. This slight tap enables a team-mate who is on 3rd base to make it to home base. This I’ve learned is called a sacrifice hit.

The batter sacrificed his play, knowing he’ll be out, but at the same time giving his team-mate a chance to score for the team. That is a team player.

He gave up something for something else.

What have you given up or is giving up, for the sake of something else? However, in this case, for something that should not be placed at the mercy of what you are giving it up for.

Sounds like a mouthful, right?

Ok, let’s break it down by telling you a brief story.

During the late 90s and early 2000, I found myself giving up at different times, what was most important to me, for the work that I was doing.

Let me hasten to say, the work was very rewarding and many of those that I was serving, have gone on to live great lives, as a result of the time and energy, I invested in their lives. Just in case you’re wondering: many of them have told me and others that.

The stressors that I experienced, especially prior to my resignation, became a contributing factor to me having to undergo open heart surgery in December of 2008.

If you’d like to hear more of what I shared and what happened, listen to this episode of The Kingsley Grant Show.

Thanks to God, I survived it and I’m very healthy today.

The baseball batter, who failed to hit the ball the right way, would probably say what so many of us have said: “I know I should have …” or “I wish I had …”

Sounds familiar?

If you find yourself uttering those words or something similar, the chance is, you’re sacrificing something that you know you ought not to, and it’s killing you.

You may want to do better, but your circumstances make it quite difficult. That I get. I’ve been there and done that as I discussed HERE.

With all that said, what 5 Important Aspects Of Your Life Should You Be Guarding?

1. Your health

Have you ever used these words, “I know I should …

… exercise more but

… eat better but

If you have, you know you’re sacrificing your health for something that is not as important.

When your health goes, so goes everything else.

Guard against this.

2. Your Family

Have your family expressed how much they wish you would spend more time with them? Have you wished to spend more time with them?

Are you sacrificing your family on the altar of work or your business?

If you are, stop it. You will one day look back and wish you hadn’t. You’ll hear parts of my story HERE and why I’m strong saying you ought to stop it.

3. Your Sanity

Are you doing things as you’ve always done, expecting to get different results? Are you wanting to control the outcome of every situation you experience?

Are you delegating work to others who are capable to do it and may even do it better than you?

This will add more stress to your life and could have some unpredictable results.

Guard against such.

4. Your Identity

Who are you apart from what you do? Can you describe who you are versus what you do?

When you find yourself being unable to do so, you’re on dangerous grounds.

Leaders have told me that outside their work they don’t know who they are and that is why they spend so much time working. Working has become synonymous with who they are.

Guard against this.

5. Your Integrity.

Do you find yourself doing and saying things just to make yourself or the numbers look good?

Do you do one thing one way in a certain context but another when you are in another context?

Can people count on you? Are you reliable? Do you keep your word?

If people are beginning to question your integrity and are distancing themselves from you as a result, you have work to do.

Guard against it.

It’s one thing to have come up short in one or more of these 5 areas, it’s another to continue.

Remember, the “book of your life” is still being written because you are alive. You have the opportunity to write the final chapters and create the ending you want others to “read.”

But you’ve got to start making some changes today.

If you’d like some help doing so, connect with me. I’d be happy to coach you through the process.

If you’d like to have me speak at your next event or train your team, please do likewise … connect with me.

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