There is so much confusion right now.

We are experiencing grief, excitement, sadness, loneliness, anticipation and gratitude all at once. 

Perhaps you are…

Feeling excited about the holidays. 
Feeling guilty for feeling excited. 
Feeling badly for feeling guilty. 
Feeling sad because you are feeling bad.

Maybe you don’t feel anything. Maybe you’re grieving.

Maybe your grief looks like the pain from the loss of a loved one. Maybe your grief resembles the ghost of Christmas past and the loss of traditional events and gatherings that have been carried on for decades that went missing this year. 

Maybe you’ve worked really hard on your gratitude journal and you’re seeing how all of these events are blessing you and you feel abundantly grateful. However, you feel nervous to show your joy because it feels awkward to express happiness right now

Here’s my advice to you no matter how you are feeling…

“Be You. 
Do You.
 For You.”

-Christmas shirt ad

I can’t encourage you enough to feel all your feels this holiday. Feel all of your emotions. You do not have to make an excuse for them. They are yours and they are there for a reason. 

Allow yourself to feel happy and express it. Your joy may just be the very light someone needs that day. 

If you are feeling sad, share it with a loved one. You are not alone, even in isolation. There are phone calls, zoom calls and sidewalk conversations to be enjoyed. Go for a walk and see who you may meet along the way or sit in your room and cry. Both are excellent choices when you are feeling sad.

Simply by accepting that things are not OK, a shift happens. Somewhere in your heart and mind things begin to feel different. In this simple allowing, you will begin to feel better and happier and life will feel OK again. 

You can repeat the following until life feels better.

“It’s OK that _____.”
“It’s OK that I feel worried about the pandemic.”
“It’s OK that I miss my family.”
“It’s OK that I’m sad that things are so different this year.” 

This statement is simple and yet so powerful. It is in the state of allowance where we welcome in the opportunity for our life to unfold. 

If you’d like to take this process further, join me for this week’s meditation, Establishing Emotional Equilibrium, where we balance our emotions and welcome in the life of our dreams.

Join me in this great “End of 2020” allowance as we bring this year to a close so that we, together, welcome in a powerful and incredible 2021! 

It’s OK that 2020 did not turn out as expected. There were many hidden blessings and now we are welcoming in 2021!

Photo by Blake Connally on Unsplash