Realism is often pessimism in disguise.

I call it “Pessimistic Realism”. Pessimistic Realism happens when a person is primarily using their past negative experiences to determine how far they can go in the present moment.

Focusing on the past happens when a person is existing from a place of unpoliced unconscious programming. Since unconscious programming is based on events from the past, there can also be a hesitation to dream big and execute big in the present. (i.e. “It hasn’t happened in the past, so why now?”)

This is why now.

The moment you are now experiencing is a moment you’ve never experienced before. Today may look similar to a day you’ve had before because you went to the same job wearing an outfit that you’ve worn before, eating food you’ve had before, but it’s actually completely different.

You’ve never sat down and read a blog post with the exact words you’re reading, on the date that it says on your phone, with the experiences you’ve now accumulated. You even have new cells in your body. It’s ALL different.

The reason “realists” tend to consistently create results that look similar (though not the same) is because the energy they are getting inspiration from is a never-ending loop of past experiences.

But now is not the past, unless the past is brought into the now by focusing on it. Then the past becomes the experience of the now.

Yes, you may have fears right now, but if you have fears, your fears automatically insinuate that you have desire right now as well. You can’t be afraid of not having your desired experience unless there’s an experience you desire to have in the first place.

That means that in the present reality, you always have a choice. Fear or desire?

How do you minus the fear from the desire so you can get on with your life?

One thing to note here is that resistance is futile. Resisting any experience adds momentum to it. Remember, you can’t chop down an old tree down to get new fruit, you must plant new seeds.

Agree with your fears. In the reality that your fears exist, they are true. Because you are believing them enough to resist them and they ultimately feel real to you.

Let your fears be true. By doing so, you are saying to yourself “I’m willing to accept you, even the parts that are less than preferable.” By simply accepting where you are, you can feel a state of peace.

Peace is your clean slate. From this clean slate, you can let the exciting, wonder-filled, reality of your life come into your awareness too. Experiencing your desire opens you up to the inspiration and positive energy that you need to actually accomplish your goals and dreams and at the very least, move in a more authentic direction.

Let’s redefine “realistic” shall we?

“Everything is going to go great for me today. I am excited that amazing opportunities are always showing up, and I’m always ready for them. I love my life! I appreciate everyone playing a role in my daily development. I am open to unexpected goodness and abundance!

Just being realistic…”