Are you tired and exhausted? 

Many of us are.

There are two kinds of tired.

A tired that can be healed with sleep and a tired that can only be healed with stillness and spiritual nourishment. 

This exhaustion erupts from the constant noise of our world, the chaotic finger-pointing, the repeat blame game being played over and over again on a multitude of subjects.

What does that exhaustion look like? 

I’m sure I am not alone in this following scenario…

In the early morning hours, a beam of gentle sunlight makes its way into my room through the shutters as I nestle into my warm blankets, beginning to deepen my breath to take my first big inhale of the day and before I can even open my eyes…my mind begins racing and worrying and thinking about the many things that are encircling our world right now. It’s noisy in my head before I even open my eyes…and I’m a trained mindset professional!   

As such, this is when I sit up and meditate to begin to gain control over my thoughts and my mind before the morning and my thoughts get away from me. 

But why do our thoughts need to get so crazy anyway? 

Amidst the chaos of opinion, information chasing, blaming, shaming and separating, our heart is looking to find peace somewhere. 

We are seeking to make the storm outside of us peaceful but that is unattainable.  

However, when we are peaceful within ourselves first, a miraculous thing happens. 

We never even notice the storm.

As we spend more time healing ourselves, we are able to make peace with all that is going on outside in the world. 

Peace ignites from within when we nourish our inner child and our most vulnerable self. This is what we are going to do today in meditation. We are going to nourish and protect your inner child.  As that little one within you (it does not matter how old you are!) feels safe and secure, understood and respected, you will stop looking for all of that respect and security from external sources. 

You will have it within. 

Join me for today’s meditation, Are you tired and exhausted? as we focus on the space within us that needs the most nourishing and as we do so, we will find that our lives begin to fill with peace, compassion and understanding.