Are You Using The 4 Key Elements Of A Good Strategy...? Dre Baldwin

Think of your greatest accomplishment in life (or just one of them, if you have many). 

They all featured each of the following elements. 

1) Clear Outcome. Where do you want to go? What’s the end goal? When would you know the mission has been accomplished? 

Every great achievement is so because there is a clear way to know when the thing has been achieved. 

Unclear outcomes leave you and everyone else confused as to where you’re going. Often you end up journeying forever on a never-ending path that has no finish line

No-finish-line is a good idea in some areas (there’s no finish line to a good relationship; you should probably stay in good health all your life, as examples), but not all. 

Sports have a clear outcome: win the game. Win the championship. No one is unclear about the aim. Business can be trickier, and is much more subjective & case-by-case. Not everyone is aiming just for money. 

2) Clear Enemy. What you want to fight, get rid of, or prevent from happening. 

This can present itself in the form of fear, anger, or frustration with something that you absolutely need to keep away from you or evict from your orbit. 

These energies work best as a counter-balance to your goals. It’s hard to build muscle lifting weights if there are no weight plates on the bar. 

An obese person whose doctor tells them they’re six months from death can become the most health-conscious, every-day-at-the-gym person you’ve ever seen after they’ve ignored those habits for 30 years. 

Angry performers often produce their best results, as that anger sharpens their focus

When you have a clear enemy, you’re never short on motivation

3) Clear Steps get from here to there. Aka a plan. 

Professionals work with plans. 

Amateurs do random stuff and hope something works (and are fooled into continuing this practice when something does work). 

You may not if your plan will even work yet (it will likely be like you: imperfect). Still make one, and adjust along the way. 

How: start at the end and work backwards, continually asking yourself, “what would have to be true for this to happen?” Eventually you’ll work your way back to the starting point — where you are today. 

Then start working the plan. Now. 

4) Clear Accountability. Who’s responsible for what, when, how, and how every check-off point will be measured. 

If you’re alone doing this by yourself, you’ll need to hold yourself accountable. 

Don’t make ambitious commitments that you’ll never be able to fulfill. 

Don’t try to do everything on your own. Get help where you know you need it. 


The common denominator: clarity

When you achieve at a high level, rarely is it due to luck. Success doesn’t drop out of the sky and hit you on the head. 

Know where you’re going. 

Remember that energy is 85% of the job. 

Have a plan and follow it. 

Take full ownership of the work —whether you’re doing it or assigning it. 

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