Psst, and here’s why it might be a good thing….. 

Both education and the corporate world give you a structure to work from – in fact you could choose to fit into it or adapt it in a way that feels good to you. But being an entrepreneur is different and lots of professional women struggle with the transition as there is no structure or framework to even start with…

Perhaps you’ve even desperately tried to find the rules from others about the should and should not’s of entrepreneurship?! 

You’ve even worried about looking unprofessional or like you don’t know what you’re doing! And I know you’re even worried about losing the credibility that your prestigious career has so far already given you. 

But what if those rules you’ve been following are actually the ones that are keeping you stuck? 

That the need to appear professional, work within a structure and stay in between the lines is massively restricting you from you true potential in your business?  

What if by becoming a 20 % Rule Breaker, you become an 80 % Game Changer…..?! 

What if this is the missing piece of the puzzle? 

More and more women are leaving successful careers to start their own businesses but that coincides with the fact, women are less likely and more reluctant to break the rules than men. 

Why? Because we fear the repercussions and it has been proven numerous times that women who break the rules are punished more severely than men. But what if it’s the rule breaking behaviour that is the key to truly determining your success in your own business?  

As let’s face it, being like everyone else and fitting in is not where your true genius lies. It’s by standing out and being different. It’s by being brave enough to bend the rules when you need too. 

It is true to say, men who are imperfect but willing to break the rules — rise in business and leadership yet often women think doing the opposite, being perfect and following the rules will get them in the same position……and it won’t?!! 

Now, it’s your turn to become a 20% rule breaker and 80% game changer. 


  • Lulu Minns

    Advocate and Award Winning Coach

    Guiding Women to free themselves from positions to prestige to businesses of significance. Coach, Advocate, Community Builder and Podcast Host of She Rebel Radio on ITUNES.