Find out how when you release expectations, that this allows money to flow in this video.

This video is actually video #4 in a series of 5, where I teach you the secrets to effortlessly attract more money.

Secret #4 is to open up your avenues of reception. 

So, the key is to open up the avenues to receive abundance.

However, a lot of times we want to receive money through a particular avenue.

Maybe it’s a job or it’s a business we have started.

If we are solely focused on making money in that one way, it creates pressure and expectation.

As a matter of fact, this actually shuts off the energy and closes it down because of the expectations.

Because whenever there is too much expectation we become controlling. Often, we want things to show up in the way we want them to show up.

The Universe, what it does, is it gives you money through the path of least resistance.

So, if you are just starting to make money in a certain way and you may have emotions that are blocking you from receiving money through that avenue.

So the Universe is going to try to bring you money in other ways. It’s going to give you money through the path of least resistance.

And the trick is, is to be open to that; to let go of control and allow it to come.

So, it may come through gifts or a part-time job. It may come in the most unexpected ways.

Your job is to say “yes”, when the Universe is trying
to give you money.

If I focus on one way of making money; I feel like everything is constricted. It feels very tense. It feels very stressful.

So I’ve actually created several different ways to create income.

It’s why a lot of the times I’ll have a job and then I’ll have a business on the side.

Because it’s giving me options to receive more money without putting all of the pressure just on one option.

Look for ways that you can open up to receive more abundance.

So be open to more avenues of allowing money to come into your life.

When it shows up, say “yes” and “thank you”.

Finally, tell the Universe that’s great, I would love more.

So that is secret #4, opening up the avenues of reception.

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