Nina is a virtual assistant that’s been working at home for two years. She has a steady client load but she’s getting restless. She loves her clients but she also wants to launch her own product line so she can have a source of repeat income and spend more time with her family. She’s done her research and she knows what type of product her community would love.

But Nina starts listening to her critical inner voice. She struggles with thoughts like, “I don’t know where to start. Who would listen to me anyway? I don’t have enough experience to be teaching this yet. I need to take more courses/join more groups/get more coaching first.”

Before she knows it, Nina’s scrapped her entire project. She tells herself that she’s going to master just one more thing before getting started on her product.

If you don’t believe you are a “real writer” you won’t write.

If you believe you are not athletic, you won’t even try certain activities.

Limiting beliefs have a way of creeping up on you: they reveal themselves in different ways. 


You can probably relate to Nina’s struggle. You’re ready to start your new business, write that book, take a chance on love, after being badly hurt, start that podcast, train for the New York marathon, but then you hear the same critical inner voice that Nina does.

It is so easy to blame situations or other people when we don’t reach our targets. But, have you ever wondered if it was YOU holding yourself back from having the life you dream of?

My question to you is if your beliefs have such a powerful influence on how you feel about yourself and on your results can you imagine having the confidence, self- belief, and courage you need to step into your full potential?

Can you imagine how much you could be getting in your own way?

Can you imagine owning your experience and building a business and life that you love? Imagine meeting every obstacle head-on with plenty of confidence to spare.

Do you tell yourself you don’t have enough time, or you can’t or you’re not good enough or you will be judged or you are not as smart as, clever as, fill in the blanks as?


If any of the above resonates with you… remember these are lies your head is telling you.

Identifying and owning your self- limiting beliefs is crucial.  Jot them down in a notepad. Catch them every time they begin to play tricks with you… call them a name… I call mine bertie… I catch them and say… ”here we go again, it’s the bertie show”

Take back your power so you can become who you were meant to be… as these beliefs can keep you stuck and even take you backwards… and will erode your self-esteem and self-confidence.

You have the potential to accomplish all of your life’s goals. But you let self-limiting beliefs hold you back, so you keep playing small. You work with clients that don’t pay you what you’re worth. You don’t submit that book to an agent because you think you don’t have enough experience. You don’t partner with a business coach because you think you’re not important enough. You don’t practice for the marathon because you don’t think you will get to the finishing line. You don’t ask for that raise or promotion at work because you think you will be rejected. 

You keep listening to these lies, replaying them like a beloved song. You do this, not because you love being stuck, but because being stuck feels safer than going after what you really want.

Self-sabotage is the playground bully that keeps pushing you around and it’s time that you get angry. It’s time that you stop listening to his taunts and insults. It’s time that you take back your power and become the successful person you were meant to be.

Become really aware of these lies and catch them when they start messing with you, separate the facts/truth from the feelings/thoughts… and so you can make your way to true empowerment and tap into your full potential.

You can build your vision, one that nurtures your soul and pays your bills. But first, you have to tackle the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Don’t be afraid — your best life is waiting for you on the other side, and your life will become limitless.


I’m Annie Ashdown, Author, Success Coach, Speaker and Cognitive Hypnotherapist based in London. I write about everything I’ve done wrong as a woman personally and professionally whilst out there in the trenches.

I work with high achievers who want to conquer imposter syndrome, crush self -doubt, and de-escalate anxiety. I help them knock down the wall that’s causing them frustration and standing between them and their next level of success so they can get closer to the dream life they’ve set their sights on.

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    Author, Speaker, Success Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist

    For the past 20 years Annie Ashdown has thrived as success coach, clinical hypnotherapist and keynote speaker, helping some of the world’s leading businesses, high achieving individuals and A-list celebrities reach levels of success they only dreamt were possible. She is a published author and UK's go to media expert. Her book The Confidence Factor, The Seven Secrets of Successful has been translated into six languages and she appears as an expert in Psychologies Magazine’s Real Confidence: Stop Feeling Small and Start Being Brave. Annie helps impact people's lives by giving them the success tools that tap into their full potential and go to the next level whilst learning how to balance it all. Clients include AMEX, Yahoo, Soho House Group, Boots, Coutts, ITV, BBC, BNParibas, Chelsea Football Club, Nokia, Vertu, Waterstones amongst others.