What is stopping you from having the MONEY you deserve? 

Most of us inherit generational rules, behavior and beliefs about money that are no longer relevant. But we don’t have to live by those outdated beliefs. We can recreate our money mindset, and tap into our creative potential in order to identify new opportunities for business, income and sales.

3 MINDSET truths that will set you free. 

TRUTH NO 1: Belief

What do you believe about money? Is it easy to get? Do you always have enough? Or not enough? What are you expecting to happen in these uncertain times?

Do you know much about how money works or is it something you avoid? 

If you know that you have negative thoughts, fears and anxiety about how you can create an income in these hard times, you may have tried to change the way you feel, but may have not had access to the tools to do so.

Try the following keys to start to rewire your internal dialogue, and interrupt the negative money patterns.

Start by writing down what you believe about money.

Journal every day for a week. Note down words that you associate when you think about money. 


When you think about paying a bill – do you experience pain?

Capture those thoughts first. What is your internal dialogue when it comes to money? 

What are your money hangovers? 

What were you told about money growing up? “I can’t afford it” “There’s not enough” Were you too scared to ask?

Draw a line down the middle of the page and on the left write all your ‘rules’ about money. This can include sayings or words that come to mind e.g.: “money doesn’t grow on trees,” “we can’t afford it,” etc. When you capture these internal beliefs, you are in a conscious position to challenge them. 

Consciously make your own new rules.

On the right-hand side of the page – write down beliefs that you want to experience. When you write these, notice how you feel about these new beliefs. There may be some work to do in embedding those beliefs into your emotions, behaviours and habits, and this is a skill that can be learned, and takes work.

TRUTH NO 2: Memories

Your childhood experiences about money have an impact on what you believe and expect. We all have a money ‘meter’ in our minds. 

What memories come to mind when you think about money? When you were a child was money scarce? Were you told you couldn’t have things? Or did you never ask for what you wanted because you knew there just wasn’t enough. 

I remember being acutely aware that there was not enough money in our big family! This caused a money ‘hangover’ that carried on for many years. Over time, I learned how to pivot emotionally, and to change my emotional associations and perspective about money. Because of my own journey, I created Neuro-flow™ a way to shift my negative thought patterns,  redefine my money identity and money behavior. I found a way to connect deeply with God and surrender my fears. I then started to experience peace and creativity. I identified new opportunities to create income. 

Money is deeply linked to our identity.  Our role models form many of our subconscious attitudes to money.  Learning how to rewire and reset our internal beliefs and rules is not something we learn at school.

Who were your role models? 

Who do you admire who has had financial success? What is it that you admire about them?

TRUTH NO 3: Your Environment and Social Circle  

There’s a saying that you will only have as much money as the 5 most successful people you spend time with. 

Who do you hang around with? Do they all complain about money? Are they people who know how to build a successful business? Invest? Save and achieve money goals?

 If not – there’s a good chance that you are surrounded by negative money talk. This is often because people have not been educated to find another way. So, are you going to choose to keep listening to their advice? How’s that working for you?


Write a list of names of people you spend time with. Are they positive about money?

Identify people who are financially successful. Start to watch, listen, read and model what they do.  Start to educate yourself about how to create your own income, what to do to develop a digital product, or how to use your mastery and expertise to create your own income stream.   

Are you investing your energy, time and money into developing skills which will help you to grow your income? 

Have you identified the skill gaps you need to address in order to create a business? Are you getting help from someone who has walked the path which you want to follow? 

I believe we are born with a creative genius. This is stimulated when we ask ourselves the right questions. When we put ourselves in environments which stimulate our confidence and allow us to see the potential we have inside. When we are challenged to see the blind spots which are holding us back.

Changing your money mindset is a skill, and also requires us to look at our hearts and see what we need to let go of. 

Don’t underestimate the power that lies within. You have the power to get wealth. 

© Copyright 2020 Louise Taylor.


  • Louise Taylor

    High Performance, Wellness and Sales Mindset Mentor

    With extensive experience in how to rapidly move through hidden emotional and sales barriers & identify commercial opportunities - Louise's Taylor's knowledge of what drives human behaviour & spirit has earned Louise the opportunity to coach experts, teams, business owners and executives all over the world. Founder of the Identity Program©, Money Mindfit™ and Neuro-Flow© technique, Louise uses neuro-science, & an unrivaled depth of intuitive coaching tools to help you break the bad and build the good. Her clients include HCF, Nutricia, St Vincent De Paul & many more in the Health Sector, Direct Selling, Church, Sporting, Retail & Fitness industries. Louise is engaged to speak to large companies on how to elevate sales & build a connected, courageous culture by rewiring the mind & redefining the way people think feel and behave. Strategic Advisor, Speaker, High Performance Coach Certified HBDI™ Practitioner, Neuro-flow Practitioner, Songwriter and Author - Identity Program Suite.