Trying to break into a new market can be difficult. Many aspiring entrepreneurs give in to the hectic demands and risks involved in starting something big. The challenges can only be overcome by persistent efforts and a dedication to your goals. 

Ari Solomon understood these challenges well. He grasped the value of patience and thinking long term from a young age. Belonging to an orthodox Jewish family, Ari picked up graphic designing quite early and used to design logos for Bar Mitzvahs. A five-sport athlete himself, it was only natural that Ari started designing sneakers and cleats as he reached college. 

An entrepreneur has to offer something unique to the customers. Ari grasped the value of standing out in a competitive industry and worked hard to achieve that.

“I knew that if I wanted to make it in this industry, I needed to do something extremely unique to stand out and just commit all of my time and energy to doing that.”

A major breakthrough for Ari came when Mets Pitcher Jacob DeGrom wore cleats designed by him. Ari created the design in memory of the late Mets Hall of Famer, Tom Seaver. The cleats were featured on MLB’s social accounts and introduced Ari’s work to the world. They were later auctioned for over $8000 in a charity event on MLB’s website. 

Ari is currently associated with Stadium Custom Kicks as a designer. The company has many famous clients. Ari personally has designed cleats for the likes of  CY young winner Jacob DeGrom and Cardinals outfielder Dexter Fowler. His cleats were also worn by Tampa Bay shortstop Willy Adames at the World Series 2020.

One of the major challenges for Ari has been finding the right balance between work and religion. A practicing Jew, Ari prays regularly and dedicates a lot of time to learning the religious scripture. Currently enrolled at the Yeshiva University, he takes religious classes all morning. Given that he also has to take regular classes, working on his designs becomes a challenge. However, his ambition drives him forward. In fact, the discipline instilled into him by his religious routines helps him out in his career. 

Ari maintains a checklist of things to do everyday and stays up until he’s done with all his chores. It’s this mindset that keeps propelling him forward in his career. 

“The hour I spend working will go much Further than the hour I spend watching TV”, he says. 

Ari’s laid-back personality has a great influence on his career. He has gained a substantial following on Instagram and even has his own show, “The five Minute Drop”. It’s a live show where Ari invites an athlete for an entertaining five minute conversation. The show ends with Ari revealing a custom artwork he made for the guest on a canvas. Ari acknowledges the role his personality has had in building a rapport with his clients. 

Ari Solomon accredits his success to  long-term planning. 

“When I create a concept or an idea, I also put into perspective how it will help me succeed down the line.” 

Though still in College, Ari Solomon plans to add more clients to his repertoire. He is committed to creating products that are too unique to ignore. He is happy that all his hard work is paying off and is ready to take his product to the next level.

Entrepreneurship is as much about having the right attitude as it is about talent. It has to be understood that starting a business requires a long-term commitment. Tools like Social Media have made marketing easier than before. However, it’s the ambition and the can-do attitude of an entrepreneur that ultimately defines success or failure.