Thrive Global CEO and founder Arianna Huffington recently sat down with Huffington Post Canada to talk about the connection between sleep and our personal and professional lives.

“We are truly living in a golden age of sleep science,” Arianna said, highlighting how more and more research shows that a good night’s rest (or a bad one) can impact our productivity, creativity, decision making and emotional intelligence. Arianna underscored that there is a noticeable culture shift in the business world. While sleep deprivation used to be seen as a badge of honor — a sign of hard work or dedication — leaders around the world are waking up to the high costs of inefficient sleep.

Though the economic costs of poor sleep are huge (the U.S. loses about $411 billion a year in productivity losses linked to sleep deprivation, according to a recent RAND Europe study) the toll it takes on our overall health and well-being can’t be ignored either. As Arianna emphasized, well-rested workers and leaders do better work.

Watch the conversation here.

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