There is still no indoor dining in Manhattan. Museums have been closed since March.  Art gatherings are a thing of the past.  Well, ArtSugar – continues to find a way to curate art collections, all digitally and germ free. 

ArtSugar, founded in 2017 by Alix Greenberg, is a curated e-commerce platform which sells eye-catching artwork and home décor while always donating a portion of proceeds to a worthy charitable causes.

The company benefits artists, too!  By selling their works through ArtSugar’s digital platform, artists are able to incorporate a socially-responsible element into their business, making the world a sweeter place. To make the world even sweeter than that, ArtSugar is doing a collaboration, “ArtSugar x Angie Crabtree” which kicks off this Monday, September 21st on and 10% of proceeds will benefit Gyrl Wonder, a 501c3 giving rise to ambitious young women of color.

This inspiring collaboration was a no-brainer for both brands.  Artist and visionary Angie Crabtree has created 18 different pieces that will be available exclusively through in a variety of colors. The round acrylic rainbow prints will range in price from $125 – $1,500.  Read on for more on the ArtSugar brand, this collab and more!

Tell us about this partnership with Angie Crabtree?

Alix Greenberg: Angie Crabtree’s aesthetic and enthusiasm for giving back to others made her a perfect partner for ArtSugar. Angie paints magnified photo-realistic portraits of real gemstones. Angie created prints at an accessible price point so more people could bring a little of Angie’s work home, and so that as a community we give back with each purchase. 

What is in this collection?

Alix Greenberg: Angie Crabtree has created 18 different pieces that will be available exclusively through in a variety of rainbow colors, including black and white.  The round acrylic prints of her signature gemstones will range in price from $125 – $1,750. We have designed the collection so customers can purchase pre-created sets of two or three or more, but mixing-and-matching is encouraged! This launch is about inspiring uniqueness in everyone: create your own rainbow.

Our goal for each release – the first one beginning in April at the height of COVID – was to give back to our customers, giving them light and beauty during a time of darkness. We also donated to Doctors Without Borders COVID-19 relief efforts for our first collaboration. For the second we are donating to Gyrl Wonder which gives rise to ambitious young women of color.

Why is the art space so important to you?

Alix Greenberg: Whatever artwork that’s created now is a product of this time in history. For visual people like me, this will be critical to their understanding of what was happening in the world when looking back or reading in text books.  Visual language is something universally understood. I think that is a really beautiful thing.

Giving back seems most important, especially now – tell us about Gyrl Wonder?

Alix Greenberg: With each purchase, we are donating to Gyrl Wonder, a professional pipeline 501c3 developing the next generation of “gyrl” leaders (17-23) through social impact, career exploration and objective alignment. 

And because this collaboration is from two female entrepreneurs, we have to ask: What is your favorite quote about entrepreneurism?

Angie Crabtree“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” – Frida Kahlo. After dealing with physical health issues since childhood — I have two autoimmune conditions (Type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis), so sometimes I can’t walk or use my hands. Frida Kahlo has been an inspiration, knowing that she was able to transcend her physical challenges through her art!

Who are 3 working women you look up to – and why?

Angie Crabtree: 

  • Issa Rae – She’s an actress, producer, writer and comedian. An incredible creative who inspires me go beyond the boundaries I create for myself.
  • Astrid Andersen – She’s a designer who creates gender neutral clothing, pushes boundaries and moves society into the future through fashion.
  • SZA – She’s one of my favorite musicians, her work is beautiful, honest and real.

To purchase your “ArtSugar x Angie Crabtree” pieces or to learn more, visit:

Photo: C/o: ArtSugar