Art, being crucial to people’s well-being, is not an evolutionary byproduct. Instead, art is an evolutionary adaptation that helps people survive. Jenny Velarde, the leading woman behind Artist As Guide, is a champion of this notion and firmly believes that art is not a luxury, but a survival tool. 

Jenny has developed a platform that helps individuals unleash their survival mode. It is a guiding tool that invites individuals to release their creative juices and utilize them to navigate through difficult situations. There are instances where people find themselves so overwhelmed with a particular situation that they feel paralyzed when trying to tackle a looming challenge. When such a problem arises, Artist As Guide exists to fortify the hidden creative modalities. 

Led by visionary woman Jenny Velarde, a psychotherapist for nearly a decade specializing in Drama Therapy, Artist As Guide is genuinely for people from different walks of life. Throughout all the years Jenny has worked as a psychotherapist, she has handled hundreds of clients who have had to silently fight various battles. In the heart of Brooklyn, she has come across a wide spectrum of clients, including actors, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and producers. Jenny has served as the bridge that enables these individuals to take the road less traveled by. Her unique approach encourages her clients to venture out of their comfort zones and use the artist in them to adapt and survive. 

Artist As Guide is an online video resource that connects and fortifies more artists globally. It works to dismantle and transform an individual’s perception of Chronic Procrastination, which is a ubiquitous challenge that hinders an artist from releasing the fullness of their creativity. 

Being an expert on such a matter, Jenny always tries her best to use the right words to encourage these individuals to see their potential and erase the limitations they have created in their heads. Jenny believes that a true artist emulates all the instinctual traits people use to survive. 

The art industry is no longer an inaccessible place for multifaceted artists like Jenny, making this platform one people can use to achieve success with her step-by-step guide. Living with an invisible disability, Jenny does not only consider art a luxury but, more importantly, a survival tool. She encourages people to embrace this idea and gives people the creative tools they deserve to make a difference in their lives through Artist As Guide. 

In an industry that is continuously flourishing, Artist As Guide will find lasting fulfillment. This space is for artists who love to create anything extraordinary and exquisite through their wild creativity.  

“You are a blacksmith,” Jenny’s husband said as Jenny recalled her humble beginnings. She remembers all the years she had spent on handcrafting tools and creating art and how this simple affirmation never ceased to resonate with her. Jenny is dedicated to uplifting others and believes her platform must continue to encourage the artist role. 

To learn more about Artist As Guide, you may head directly to their website.