Artist Deazy Treez from Marlborough, MA is making a boom in music and in his message. Deazy now resides in sunny Beverly Hills, California now and has accumulated over a million streams across all platforms. 

Deazy’s newest project “HELLO DEAZY” released in mid-november and included nine songs, all of which are on all platforms and almost all of the songs will have a music video soon. You can find the YouTube page “DEAZY TREEZ” that at this point almost has racked up 10,000 subscribers. 

Before he started making music, he was in the marine corps infantry. Deazy served three years of a four year contract. While serving he realized his passion for music and then quit the military “to become a pop star!” Deazy became an artist because of his all around love for music and it being a stepping stone to much larger opportunities. With influences at a young age from his mother Melissa, Deazy came up listening to artists’ like Tupac, Biggie, Michael Jackson and 50 Cent. Deazy always felt connected through music and could express himself entirely from his craft.

“I am blessed to have such an amazing fan base and I connect with them daily.” The main message Deazy wants to push onto his fans is positivity. Not only positivity, but he wants to change the world, he wants to show the youth that you should chase your dreams no matter the instance. He wants to show people that it is alright to not care, it is alright to be yourself and that we all get heartbroken. Specially Deazy’s instances of getting heartbroken himself.

Deazy plans to be a big part of world change. Not only does he want to work with many different industry artists and producers but he wants to work with all creators in general including the likes of; Jermey Scott, Elon Musk, Butch Hartman and more!