With parents working alongside homeschooling the need to find new ways of productivity has never been more important.  Beyondtheschoolrun.com the platform to connect, inspire and engage parents with their skills and talents in the hours available to them, have launched an opportunity for mothers to come together to support one another and make progress in the shorter windows of time. 

The Beyondtheschoolrun platform has been supporting thousands of parents over the years in working in the hours available to them and considers now a vital time for mothers to come together to be supported, find ways to gain clarity in what steps to take with their work, receive relevant learning, expert guidance and also motivation and support from others who identify with the challenges. This is exactly what they plan to deliver, initially to a small group of mothers, as part of the Founding members opportunity and then extending it out as the membership platform grows.  

The Founding Members opportunity will include: regular one to one mum clinics with Founder, Louise Webster who recently featured on Red magazine instagram as one of their experts sharing tips on working around the children; expert masterclasses across social media, wellbeing, work and so much more. As well as inspiration and learnings from my Louise Webster’s book ‘A New Way for Mothers’; a group to support and motivate; exclusive opportunities for personal and professional growth.

This is for all mums, in particular those who may have an idea for a business and want to move forward; already have a business and want to make progress; wanting to find a flexible role, have a job and want to find ways to combine working from home and the caring for the children or maybe have been out of the workplace for a period of time and want to start exploring and connecting in an inspiring place.

Louise Webster comments: “This situation has highlighted the need more than ever for us to work in a new way, to create businesses in a new way and make progress together.  This opportunity is initially for a small group to come together, which will I then plan to grow into a global place for mothers.  This is truly exciting step for us all.”

Louise Webster the founder has been exploring new ways of working since having children and setting up the platform and writing a book ‘A New Way for Mothers.’  Louise Webster is the Founder of Beyondtheschoolrun.com connecting, inspiring and engaging parents with their skills and talents in the hours available to them.  She is also the International published Author of ‘A New Way for Mothers’ with tips and learnings on topics such as working from home & around the children and more.  The Beyondtheschoolrun platform with thousands of followers provides: inspiration; source flexible jobs; re-skilling opportunities; exclusive offers and more

For more information about the opportunity and costs go to: http://www.beyondtheschoolrun.com/blog/founding-member-launch/


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Louise Webster, Founder of Beyondtheschoolrun and International Author

Louise Webster is the Founder of Beyondtheschoolrun.com, the platform to inspire, engage and connect parents with their skills and talents in the hours available to them and the International Author of ‘A New Way for Mothers.’  Louise launched Beyondtheschoolrun.com in March 2012 after having children and looking for a way to combine work and motherhood and discovered thousands of other mothers looking for a new way too.  The platform includes the website, social media channels including two Facebook groups: Beyond the school run and Flexible working for mums; a regular newsletter; You tube channel and book.   Louise has been exploring working from home and around the kids for herself since setting up the platform and supported thousands of other parents in doing the same via inspiration, connections, collective wisdom, flexible roles, re-skilling and more.      

Louise Webster has attended No.10 Downing Street three times to share the concept, won Britain’s Top Real Role Model 2014 and had a book published in the USA called ‘A New Way for Mothers.’  She has been referred to as ‘A true change maker.’



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