14-year-old performer Hitha is rising on the music charts while simultaneously giving a voice to the younger generation. Her latest single “Independent” has climbed to the 54th spot on the Top 100 CHR/Pop Chart. As the momentum of her soaring single keeps going, she plans to motivate and inspire her listeners even further.

“Independent” features insightful guidance on how to handle defeat in order to grow and reach triumph. The female artist’s roaring single provides a wholesome experience to listeners by captivating them with a feel-good atmosphere. After releasing her debut single in 2018, Hitha has become a distinct and enjoyable addition to the industry with her take on combining the pop and classical Indian genres.

Hitha’s musical career is making notable and remarkable advances despite being new to the industry. A music video is in the works for “Independent” – which she hopes will reflect her heartfelt and pure artistry. Her past releases have gathered hundreds of thousands of listens and views throughout online streaming services – making her a figure to take notice of. Sometimes using music as an escape from reality, Hitha’s work expresses her raw and sincere beliefs and lifestyle.

“Teens should be involved in the conversation,” Hitha said. “We, too, can be the voices in our communities to help change the world and inspire those around us.”

Hitha’s uplifting music brings communities together which acts as a force to influence a better future. She says through development and action society can work with each other to create change. Hitha has practiced music for over 10 years and says her family inspired her passion for music. She claims balancing a student life and musical career has helped her with developing into a better person, “you don’t just have to choose one box to categorize yourself, to be a well rounded person you should have well rounded interests.”

The ascending pop star hopes to produce more engaging content for her followers with her captivating sound. She plans on releasing new songs this coming summer such as “Chocolate Kisses” and “Tell Me Why.” Local audiences will have the chance to get a glimpse of “Independent” and more of Hitha’s melodies during her summertime tour.

Audiences can find her latest music on all major streaming platforms. Follow her on Instagram at @officialhitha or Facebook at @hitha2018.


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